GD/PI Topic : Address Equality Challenge | Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

Special tips for candidates for the topic Women Empowerment and Gender Justice:  

  • The topic requires greater sensitivity and diplomatic dialogues, as straight debate in the form of for and against can definitely land you in trouble
  • While you speak anything about this topic, it is to be ensured that you specifically quote either the research done by some reliable body like WHO, UN, Indian census etc. or quote an example that has happened either in past or in recent times or however applicable.

Women Empowerment and gender justice has to be dealt case to case and generalizing will be very difficult. This article is also written accordingly to help candidates

  • Ensure you analyze and create a pathway ahead, which definitely seems positive while you end your words.

Ex: Considering all the facts and the numbers I discussed here, we can expect a growth in inclusion of more women in professional atmosphere.

This approach will show your analytical skills over others. This is what is needed in any MBA candidate

With this, let’s begin!!!

Women Empowerment and gender justice has turned into a highly discussed social issue, not only in India but around the world. Many an experts on social issues questions, if the women’s voice be heard or it keeps on being disregarded irrespective of all the progress of human civilization?

With the years long fight over multiple issues, the following are some of the recent changes which have impacted the society to a greater extent:

  • Considering the voice of an independent women and ensuring that their voices are heard has offered ascend to #MeToo Campaign
  • Administration of India has additionally ordered different guidelines inside the protected structure to improve female inclusion in various callings, including IIMs and other B-schools
  • Other expert organizations, just as openings for work in practically a wide range of male ruled callings including Indian Air Force, Navy and Army have begun granting higher weightage to female possibility for gender diversity

Even though the positive outcomes are being seen recently, there is still a lot to achieve in this regards and following are the major concerns and we discuss how gender equality can curb such social illness:

Key achievements in improving Women Empowerment and Gender Equality are: The Positive that has happened till now

Shoot up in literacy rate:

It is very evident now that, in many parts of India, gone are those days when boys headed to schools and girls to kitchen. Parents are taking equal efforts to educate girl child. The female education rate has seen a radical increment from 50.82% in 2006 to 62.98% in 2015.

Social Reforms Empowering Women Empowerment and Gender Justice

On 22 August 2017, the Indian Supreme Court passed a judgment which made the act of moment Triple (Talaq-e-Biddat) illegal. This judgment was additionally trailed by the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill gone by Lok Sabha on 28 December 2017.

Likewise, the old Sabarimala Temple in Kerala that had banned ladies matured 10-50 from entering. On 28 September 2018, the Supreme Court enabled women of any age to enter the sanctuary.

Center Eastern Country Reforms: More Freedom to Women

On 24 June 2018, Saudi Arabia lifted its boycott and enabled ladies to drive. Despite the fact that ladies are presently getting political acknowledgment, there is still a lot to be done in connection to laws for wrongdoings against ladies.

Female Representation in Different Professions

Rather than prior occasions when ladies support in callings was constrained to a couple of fields like drug and instructing, today, ladies are a piece of practically all businesses. In spite of the fact that not the ideal number of females are seen on the boards yet they are being given an opportunity in any case.

  • In October 2018, Gita Gopinath was delegated as the primary lady IMF Chief Economist.
  • Mary Barra (CEO of General Motors), Janet Yellen (Chair of Federal Reserve of US),
  • Indira Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo),
  • Hillary Clinton (Presidential Candidate of US) and some more. 

Issues in Gender Bias: Still Need Addressing – The negative where women need more strength

Despite the fact that women have made some amazing progress, regardless they face separation in the general public, there are still individuals who don’t care for a women’s voice and the wrongdoings against them continue.

Viciousness against Women – Violence at home and elsewhere

The news is agreed with occasions of assault, attack, provocation, corrosive assaults, dealing and lot progressively deplorable wrongdoings everywhere throughout the world.

The maximum number of crime against women, considering all kinds is highest in USA followed by Brazil and India, as per the statistics released by the UN. Therefore this area requires definite attention.

Mental abuse on women:

Though the women have started moving freely across the world and are free to work 24 x 7, but the women still suffer the traditional ways of abuses like eve teasing, whistling, mishandling in crowd and public etc. Only proper characterization in the society and strict enforcement of lw and order can help curb this.

Pay Disparity at Work Place

This is something which is highly debatable. There are jobs where the productivity by a woman can be much lesser than a man. This is where extreme amount of physical labor is involved.

However, in cases where women share equal valuable thoughts and bring value on to the table in jobs like IT, consultancy etc., why is there a disparity in pay?

The pay should be completely dependent on the value an employee brings to the organization and not based on the gender of the persons involved.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

With the stricter enforcement of laws in India, this problem does not seem to be an uphill task and the complete solution of this problem can be seen with the newer generation. The increase in literacy will definitely help us sail though.

However, this is still a major issue in the African countries and requires a lot of effort to get out of it.

Engaging Women: Need is more

As an old saying says, Give a man a fishand you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fishand you feed him for a lifetime.

The bottom line here is to state that involvement of women and practical exposure to them can make them more capable of being useful to society. Therefore, higher involvement of women will only give us better and more developed society.

Recent fights have helped to bring the major issues that women are going through in the modern era and it seems that the issues of the modern world need modern solutions, which are creative, innovative and yet effective. Glimpses of few such initiatives are here:

Me-too movement:

This is development against a wide range of lewd behavior and attack. The term was initially authored in 2006 by Tarana Burke, American social lobbyist however the term increased worldwide notoriety in 2017 after sexual maltreatment charges against Harvey Weinstein. The development at first begun off in the US and a second flood of start was found in India in October 2018.

The development basically goes for drawing out the earnestness of sexual maltreatment over the world and in all strata of the general public. This development has helped women to approach and share their accounts.


This is a battle begun by the UN in 2014, with the objective of raising people to stand up and make a move against antagonistic generalizations and practices in any structure. The crusade has connected with men to go to bat for their female partners as the maxim of the battle may be

Sexual orientation equity isn’t only a women’s  issue; it’s a human rights issue that benefits everybody.

Women’s liberation

The term women’s liberation has been around for quite a while, anyway is generally taken synonymous to man-loathing though woman’s rights really requests that ladies be dealt with equivalent to men in all regards.

On depicting women’s liberation, Priyanka Chopra stated, “Woman’s rights is ladies going to bat for themselves and saying ‘Give me the opportunity to settle on my own decisions without making a decision about me.’ It isn’t prevalence. It isn’t loathing or criticizing men. It is simply saying, ‘Let me settle on my choices without disgracing me or trolling me. Give me those open doors that men have delighted in for so long.”

What the world needs is everybody, regardless of their sex, to represent sexual orientation uniformity. The previous First Lady of US, Michelle Obama stated, “We should be clear: Strong men – men who are really good examples – don’t have to put down women to make themselves feel amazing. Individuals who are genuinely solid lift others up. Individuals who are genuinely amazing unite others.” That is actually how correspondence ought to be seen and except if we as a whole stand together it may never be accomplished.

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