MICA | Finance meets Marketing – Summer experience at RBL Bank

Finance? Isn’t working at a bank all about Assets and Liabilities, the boring desk job that MICAns dread. Yes, I thought the same too. But soon I saw myself co-coordinating photo-shoots, making digital & communication strategies and even writing scripts, perceptions changed pretty quickly.

Adding to that I had to brief agencies about what kind of proposition we want for our Annual Report and print campaign. Working in an environment with 60 other interns from all the top business colleges, I learnt MICAns are actually different. We know that everything can’t be put into models and frameworks, and yet make things work.

I also learnt that credit cards, various types of loans, SMEs, Branches (The retail of banking) and 64 other products in the portfolio need marketing. We don’t need to know the intricacies of finance in order to market financial products, we just need common sense.

When you specifically ask me what “subjects” helped you, I don’t have an answer. I realize it is bits from every subject you gather that helps you. Now where did I work? RBL Bank, wait which bank? The bank that took over RBS in India, yes the Scotland one. But do you realize that acquiring RBS was not just a business objective but also a marketing one. “RBL Bank acquires RBS Bank making it the fastest growing mid-sized bank in India”. It was a real life play out of the right brain meeting the left and performing a perfect waltz.

Shivam Sachdeva – PGP 24