Union Minister of State Ashwini Kumar Choubey stated that it is mandatory for a person to have knowledge of the English language but passing the examination should not be necessary.

He also said that the current education system focuses more on passing the examination of a subject rather than acquiring knowledge about the subject properly. He also criticized the influence of western culture on Indian children.

He stated that there is no harm to learn the English Language, but young Indians must not forget their roots and culture. He also said that the enforcement of the English Language on students is diverting students towards western culture.

Ashwini Kumar was attending a seminar on ‘Quality Education and Teacher’s condition in Bihar’ at the L.S. college Bihar. He is Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare.

Choubey was born in Bhagalpur Bihar on 2nd of January 1963, and he has himself received education from Patna University. Choubey is an elected member of the 16th Lok Sabha. He is a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party.

Ashwini Choubey represents Buxar in Lok Sabha. He has been a member of Bihar Legislative Assembly for five consecutive terms.

Former Bihar Government led by Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur made a provision that it won’t be necessary for students to pass in English examination. Schools and colleges will continue to teach English but passing the examination of the same subject will not be mandatory.

This decision by the Bihar government has received mixed reactions from all over the country. Some state it to be a step towards saving Indian culture and labelled it as a setback in the education system.

Ashwini Choubey supported this decision by the Bihar Government and said that despite the fact that British have left our country years ago, they had left this ‘angreziyat’ behind which is messing with the brains of Indian youth.  He also blamed the influence of English movies and songs on Indian youth for distracting them away from their roots.

He also informed that the central government would also bring a new education policy that will focus more on building ‘sanskar’ in young students rather than merely focusing on the passing of the examination.

He said that our education is filled with loopholes, it forces students to mug up a subject for the examination and then rant it out on the answer sheet and then forget all that’s been taught. He said that we need to change this education pattern and focus more on building knowledge and values in students.

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