Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

Experts consider the Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, one of the best institutes in India for graduation in Management.

FMS Delhi has actualized its batch of 2023 for the two-year full-time MBA with 285 students.

The investiture witnessed prominent representatives:

  • The Dean – Professor J K Mitra
  • Professor Deepak Paintal – Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University
  • B S Baswan, Education Secretary from HRD Ministry
  • Munish Dayal, Baring Private Equity International (FMS alumnus)
  • Sanjeev Nikore, HCL Technologies (FMS alumnus)

Professor Mitra introduced the students to the FMS culture. He also hailed the FMS faculty’s perseverance and passion and promised to transfer these values to the students. 

Mr. Baswan urged the students to exercise their inquisitive sense, go beyond the curriculum, and explore answers.

Mr. Deepak Paintal assured the students of all the help they might need while guaranteeing them an improved infrastructure.

The two alumni chronicled their journeys in the corporate world.

A glimpse at the batch profile

Undergrad streams

The predominant undergrad stream of the batch is engineering. Eighteen per cent of the batch come from IITs/BITs, twenty per cent are from NIT/NSIT/DTU, and eighteen per cent are from Delhi University’s top institutes.

Other streams of the batch include STEM, commerce, and other disciplines.

Work experience

The batch hails from top companies such as Accenture, Bain & Co., Airbus.

The average work experience of the batch is twenty-one months, coming from disparate sectors.

  • IT: 32%
  • Manufacturing: 22%
  • Consulting: 20%
  • Other sectors: 26%

The batch has an impressive gender diversity of 51-49.

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