The Beyond Management Initiative of LIBA held on
26th September 2018, was proud to host Ms. Jemima Ravithilagan, Vice President, Human Resources in I & FM Computer Age Management Services.

She spoke on “Developing your Talent” and shared her views on disruption in technology and its impact on career. She discussed thoughts about a book “Talent is never enough “by John C Maxwell which deals with developing career. She said that market is becoming more volatile and also explained about the mutual funds, how it initially dealt with selling and buying shares through buyers and now it has all become online. She added that the volume of paper transaction is also getting digitized.

Ms. Jemima mentioned that predictive analysis is used by the HR department for recruitment and added that earlier HR personnel thought that for a good sales person, the required skills were communication and persuasion skills but now they realized that more than that good collaboration with the execution team is important. She then spoke about the virtual reality simulation which is used in pilot training in aircrafts.

She emphasized that students should be willing to learn throughout their life and mentioned that formal learning is only 10% and rest is on the job learning and learning from other sources. She then explained that the job that is offered may be completely different from what students learned in college, but should adapt and cope with the new skills (coping with disruption). She explained about how in Amazon which consist of 2 lakh square feet warehouse, a robot is used to access things easily and also said that the call centres are now being replaced by chat box. She mentioned that HR would look out for critical thinking skills, social intelligence and emotional intelligence in the students.

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