The Beyond Management Initiative session at LIBA held on 3rd October 2018 was graced by the presence of Mr. Sashi Kumar, Chairperson, Media Development Foundation & Asian College of Journalism.

Mr. Kumar, being a veteran in the media world spoke on the topic,”The Indian News Media: Public Interest in the Market Paradigm”. He stated how the entire community has shifted from the industrial revolution to the information revolution in the past few decades and how media has been the biggest force in enabling this shift.

Regarding the role of the Indian media in the recent times, he mentioned that the freedom of speech is something which needs to be revoked. Most importantly, the media shouldn’t forget its role to educate the public regarding the various issues throughout the country which needs utmost attention and shouldn’t digress the common public through unwanted, irrelevant and incorrect reports.

He also gave the example of the American media who have a greater freedom of speech when it comes to various national issues. The immensely interactive and involving session was concluded with the thought that media has a huge role in shaping the minds of the people and hence should aim to be the mediator and not the opinion maker, thereby leaving the responsibility of making the final decision on the shoulders of the citizens of the country.

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