Dating a Sailor 18: The Moment

I heard a knock. I left him unanswered. It was Nathan’s baby-sitter.

“Hey!”, I greeted her.

“Nathan’s parents said that he’d be here and they told me to tell you that they’ll be home by 11 and I am supposed to be here till then!”, I blushed when I heard that.

“Sure. He is inside. Make yourself comfortable.”, I said, ushering her in. “Do you mind if I am away for sometime?”, I asked her. She said it would be okay.

“Who wants to eat hot delicious pasta?”, Sammy said in a sing-song tone. Nathan was already over him. Seemed they had grown fond of each other. He fed Nathan himself. I watched them. I walked up to Nathan(and Sam) and said, “Nate, Ana and Sam are going out to the hospital, so you be a good boy here okay?”, Nathan nodded munching the pasta.” If you need anything, you can call me okay?”, I said to the girl.I looked at Sam. He nodded.”Nate, I am gonna miss you,man!”, Sam said. They hugged.

Sam held out his hand. I was taken aback. I did not expect this after the outburst we had few minutes ago. I took his hand.

“Umm, Sammy, there’s a problem?”, I said.

“What is that?”, he asked, worriedly.

“I have never danced except in private!”, I mumbled, fidgeting the helm of my dress.

“I can help you with that. You don’t have to worry”, I smiled.

“And one more thing?”, I said.”I am starving!”, I added.He laughed and like usual he leaned in to kiss me, just then it stuck him and he froze! It was awkward. He was so near. I could hear him breathe. I wanted to reach up to him and kiss him.But I held myself. I looked away.”We should go!”,I said.

On the way he told me about the traditional dance where the patner’s body never touched and it was beautiful to hear. I watched him as much as I could. I did not know if I could have this moment again. The felicitation ceremony was awe-inspiring. Men in uniforms walked upto the aisle and were conferred with medals. Sammy was one of them. It was a proud moment for him. For me. If we were together, the joy would have been so pure and limitless. I felt shackled. When he walked back from the aisle, I walked up to him, rested my palm on his chest. I felt proud. I smiled and looked up to him. “You deserved this!I am happy for you”, I said. He held my hand which was on him, and he held my face with the other and said, “Thank you for being there for me.”. Our eyes met and spoke more than what our lips did. I withdrew my hand.The gaze broke.

“All the Officers and their beautiful ladies are requested on the dance floor.”