Dating a Sailor 12: The Deck

I waited at the deck as he had text-ed the previous day.I turned when I heard the footsteps approaching. He was in his uniform. That meant, he must have reached the land few minutes ago. He looked good. Refreshing and perfect as ever. There was a scar near his neck. He was looking at me. And I, him. I did not want to spoil this. I was really glad that he is safe and okay, and not dead.

He smiled and was about to touch my face when I cringed back. “Don’t…Please “, I said.

“Okay”, he pursed his lips. I wanted to touch him. But something inside me would not allow me to.

“You look pretty as always”, he smiled, yet again.

“You look okay and un-dead”, I said, sarcastically.

“Ana!”, he wanted to hold my hand but then gave up. He breathed. “Congratulations for the results. Alex told me.I am happy you made it”, he said with a smile.

“I did okay. Now, can we just talk? Instead of you trying to make it look like nothing happened?”, I asked.

“We’ll talk. Will you please let me hold you? Your face?”, he asked.

I nodded. He came near. I could smell him after such a long time. I could feel his hands on my face. He was alive. I hugged him and broke down. He hugged me back. We stood in the hug for a long time.

“I was at the radar. But I was summoned by an officer. He wanted me to check the system. And I heard a blast. I was estranged and luckily a few mariners found me. I was at the deployment camp hospital there for days. I could not call you. There were security constraints and I barely knew the Officers there. So, in short, I survived. And I came back here as soon as I could. I am sorry.I really am.”, he said. I listened calmly.We were sitting by the sea. He ruffled through my hair as I leaned my head on his shoulders.

“So, what’s the plan now? Huh?”, he asked.

“What plan?Just stay alive. That’s the plan”, I snapped back.

“I thought I would never see you again.The accident made me realize that I should tell you something as soon as I see you again, if I was lucky enough to see you again.”,he said, looking far into the sea.

I was looking at him. “I love you, Ana! I am glad that I am in love with you. “, he turned towards me as he said that. This was the first time he said the word “love” or specifically that he loves me. I had been nervous about this moment before but today I was not. Wasn’t this the moment when I was supposed to say, I love you too, Sam. But I did not. I just leaned on his shoulders. Let the day pass!