Comstrat FCB ULKA – A Casestudy Competition organised at SIMSR

This year 17th December 2016 marked the history on the pages of Comstrat FCB ULKA.  To start with FCB ULKA Comstrat, 21 year old now, is a completely different type of case study competition which works on the strategic advertising. It allows the students participating to brain storm and come up with some unique idea for the brand involved. This year the case study was on Titan Raga.

The Interface Committee of KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research with the help and guidance of their faculty members made the event possible and of course a huge success. Starting from the day the case study was launched, the whole team started working on it. As the day came close, there was a  series Pre Buzz activities organised within the college campus like snatch the watch, rhythm and raga to name a few. Looking at the people coming up to participate in these activities, one could make out the amount of zeal people had for the event.

17th December the event started with lighting of the lamp, and facilitation of the chief guests Mr. Saad Khan, Mrs Ruta Patel, Mrs Arti Basak. Thereafter was showcased an amazing video summarizing the whole journey of Comstrat. This was followed by some really good presentations which brought in some unexplored prospective of Titan raga. While the judges took the decision, there was an exciting brand quiz organized. There after a unanimous decision was taken where SP Jain Institute of Management Studies hand the first prize followed by KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, and MICA. And this way the evening came to an end with fresh memories and lot of learning and experiences.

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