GATE 2017: Mechanical Engineering candidates say paper was tricky and lengthy

GATE 2017 exam Mechanical Engineering Paper Review:

Session one (set one) for Mechanical Engineering (ME) of the Graduate Aptitude Exam in Engineering (GATE 2017) was successfully conducted on February 4, 2017, across the country. Candidates say the paper was lengthy and tricky, but the quality of questions was good. An aspirant from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Vishal Jain, said, “Since I was able to solve the questions, I found the paper easy. The quality of questions was good, I had fun solving them.”

Another aspirant from Navi Mumbai, Rishabh Kumar, said, “The paper was easy, even the English section in General Ability, there were two brief passages, but no vocabulary part, no synonyms, and antonyms questions.”

GATE 2017 is a computer-based test, and candidates get a virtual calculator, and a scribble pad to solve the questions in three hours. Few questions from ME GATE 2017 paper were ,

GATE 2017 Mechanical Engineering question paper:

  • Mark and Steve were brothers who played for a country K, James was another player who played for country E. Mark used to tease James by saying “There is no way you’re good enough to play for your country”, to this, James would say “At least I am the best player in my family.” What conclusion can be drawn from the above paragraph. Options were:

Mark plays better than James

Mark plays better than Steve

Steve is known to play better than Mark.

  •  There are 100 employees in a company. 20 are getting 45,000, 25 are getting 30,000, 16 are getting 50,000, 24 are getting 20,000 and 15 are getting 20,000. The average salary of the 100 employees is….
  • There is a cone of radius 5m and height 12m. If opened, the angle is subtended by arc. Find out the angle in term of pi.

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Krishna Arjun, another aspirant said, “It was a lengthy paper, I could attempt only 50 out of 65 questions. There were no straightforward questions in the paper, it was full of twists.”

The results of a poll conducted on showed that today’s paper was similar to that of GATE 2016 ME set 2, and last year’s paper was easier.

Another poll on showed that ME set one was not that bad for candidates. Jain added, “The difficulty level of today’s paper was easier than what I solved in a test series. I did not perform well in the test series, but I am content with my performance in today’s exam.”

Session two for ME is scheduled from 2 to 5 pm, and PaGaLGuY will do a separate review for it as well.