Classes commence at IIM Calcutta from August 3, 2020

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM-C) has braced itself to commence the online classes for the postgraduate and Master of Business Administration Students who will be coming into the second year from August 3, 2020.

The academic session for the first-year students who have recently joined the institute for the postgraduate or MBA program will commence from August 10, 2020.

Need for online classes

As the outbreak of the coronavirus has led the nation to showdown its pace to put the security of the people first rather than their schools and jobs, everything was put to a pause. The schools were shut, offices were closed, and internships were delayed just to make sure that the people in the country are safe and away from the coronavirus.

Due to the nationwide lockdown imposed to curb the spread of the fatal coronavirus, the schools and the offices had to come up with online solutions so that they can continue with their work. The schools arranged online classes for their students so that they do not fall behind their curriculum.

The higher education institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) began planning their next academic session online so that they will be prepared beforehand to commence their classes in the best possible way.

They have been planning for these online classes so that they would resemble the physical classroom experience as much as possible.

The chairperson of MBA program, Peeyush Mehta, at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta said that the institute is all set to offer the online courses for a number of executive programmes in the combined Master of Business Administration Programme.

He further said that the institute has been preparing for the conduction of these online courses for a long time and it has been looking for such technological solutions wherein they are capable of imitating the physical classroom experience to the maximum possible extent in the online form.

The students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration programme will be divided into six sections with each section containing a strength of 80 students. 

The online classes that would be conducted during the academic session for the Master of Business Administration at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta will be held using the digital learning platform provided by Talent Sprint,

This academic session will be held online by the faculty of the Indian Institute of Management itself on a direct-to-device mode.

The chairperson of the MBA program at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta further explained that the institute has customized the learning management system for their MBA programme to provide the best possible experience to their students while they are away from the institute and physical classrooms. 

Details regarding the online classes

The online classes that will be held by the faculty members will be on an average four to five hours long classroom learning experience with live-contact hours daily.

Since the whole academic session is going to be held online for the students at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta to avoid any disruptions and discontinuance in the studies due to the lockdown or other activities that are being carried out to contain the coronavirus, the students that have been selected for the programmes at this institution are also actively participating to get a better experience of the online classes.

The students who live in remote areas or in the areas where the network connectivity is not good enough for the online streaming of classes are moving to the better connectivity areas to attend online lectures. 

The chairperson also said that the institute is going to help the students in the maximum possible ways so that the students get a smooth experience of the online classes throughout the academic session and can gain the necessary skills that would be taught in the programme.

The institute will provide the recordings of the online lectures in case the students missed a class due to any reason, the interactions with the instructors will be set after class for doubt clearance, and additional tutorial will be uploaded along with other help in the various academic activities so that the students understand the concepts with clarity and are also able to clear their doubts with the professors.

With the support from the professors and the online modules and other activities, the students will not only learn the essential and important skills that are required in the corporate world but will also be able to practice them in the specially designed assignments and quizzes. 

The director of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Anju Seth, said that they had been eagerly waiting to welcome the new batch for their Master of Business Administration programme at the institute for 2020.

She further said that the institute had devised a plan for the smooth execution of the online academic session for the incoming batch as well so that they do not miss out much on the physical classroom experience.

They have braced themselves to provide an excellent learning experience to the students in the course of overcoming the obstacles that came in their way due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The online learning experience and the instruction experience is going to be the best ever for the students as the institute has prepared a full-proof plan so that the students experience the best learning.

As in the case of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, they have devised a full-proof plan for the smooth execution of the learning and the instruction medium for the students that are enrolled in the MBA programme at the institute; the other institutions like IIT Kharagpur are yet to decide on the methods to deliver the education for the academic session of 2020-21.

They are yet to decide for their plans in the next Senate meeting that will be held at the institute. 

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