Channels Weekly Digest: April 16-23

PaGaLGuY Channels brings you the most Recommended Reads from April 16-23.

1. Advice to Budding Authors by Rashmi Bansal. Read 2,004 times.

2. Why AAP doesn’t make sense anymore by Sriram Raja. Read 2,002 times.

3. Six Months to CAT 2014 – What should I do? by Ravi Handa. Read 2,769 times.

4. Jinnah (1998): Jamil Dehlavi’s controversial biopic on Muhammad Ali Jinnah starring Christopher Lee in the titular role by Murtaza Ali. Read 206 times.

5. Featherweight Philosophers by GypsyCab. Read 124 times.

6. How Indian B-schools and the Indian Railways relate! by Abhishek Tyagi. Read 2,278 times.

7. What is adaptive practice for CAT – How it works? by Deepak Nanwani. Read 1,042 times.

8. Review of National award winning film ‘Katiyabaaz’ by Haricharan Pudipeddi. Read 243 times.

9. Bombay Dreams as choreographed by AAP has more police protecting citizens than VIPs, no tanker mafia and cheaper electricity by Satish Jain. Read 573 times.

10. Captain’s defence of Jagdish Tytler – The Devil’s Advocate by Arun Jaitley. Read 595 times.

11. Congress has done a good job of Economy, Agriculture, Empowerment – we only did not project our achievements by Digvijaya Singh. Read 1,360 times.

12. Will the Congress and BJP talk policy… not trivia? by Derek O’Brien. Read 509 times.

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