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People ask Congress why there is so much BJP hype all around. Truth is that all the hype exists only because BJP is spending huge sums on Ads. Corporates have pumped in lots of money for the Modi campaigns. Congress, on the other hand, believes in doing things, rather than running around spending so much money on just ad campaigns. We make it a point to get work done.

The Congress leadership too, is way ahead of BJP in its ideals. In Rahul Gandhi we have a leader who is assertive but not abusive like Modi. He does not use the kind of language used by Modi in his campaigns. He makes his points in the the way it should be done. In fact, politics of abuse is the worse thing to happen to Indian politics. Abuses have no place in campaigns and politics and leaves a bad taste. However, a little sarcasm and wit should not be misunderstood as foul language.

All the polls and surveys being discussed in the media these days also seem to be heading only one way. But, they do not deter the Congress at all. Firstly, they are all paid surveys. Secondly, their historical success rates have also been quite poor. These polls had predicted an NDA win in 2004 and 2009 Parliament Polls as well. We all know what happened and who actually won. Recently, there was also a sting operation on C-Voter which was predicting huge wins for BJP.

We were questioned on why we gave a ticket to Ashok Chavan from Maharashtra. If you go by business rules in any government, a minister, by and large, goes by the opinion of the officers in the department. These officers are supposed to give their opinion as per the rules and existing laws to the minister. If the Minister doesn't agree, he has the authority to over rule the secretary by giving a speaking order. Ashok Chavan, as a Revenue Minister, simply accepted the view of the department as it happens in 90% of the cases. I don't think there is justification for the perception built by various media and opposition on his nomination, as there is no case pending against him.

As for Madhya Pradesh, we are fighting in every seat and hope to do much better this time. The BJP Government is misusing administration for their political gains and despite huge scams in mining, VYAPAM health and other sectors, they have successfully managed to keep these off the media glare and influence Judiciary to a great extent.

There is also this impression of large scale corruption emanating from highly exaggerated figures of Notional Loss given by CAG in 2G and allocation of Coal Blocks. UPA Government hasn't spared anyone involved in corruption and taken strong action against all those who had prima facie evidence of corruption against them..

And coming to AAP and Delhi, it is good that they have taken the path of participation in politics rather than only abusing politicians. But now they have to tell the nation what their vision for India is and what should be done rather than telling us what is not being done.

I feel that The Congress party's chances are bright in these elections. If you see the 10-year UPA rule, it's performance has been extremely good when it comes to the Economy, Agriculture, Poverty Alleviation, Empowerment, Employment and all Social Sectors. Inspite of the fact that it didn't have a clear majority, Congress Party could get most of the Bills passed in face of stiff opposition from the BJP. We passed the LokPal Bill which was pending since a few decades. Our only failure was in projecting our achievements.

Just to reiterate, I believe in Politics of Conviction and not of Convenience. Those who think I speak too much or without any cap on my thoughts, I never speak out of turn and never without facts.

I am currently the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress party's All India Congress Committee. Previously served as the 9th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, for two terms from 1993 to 2003. Prior to that I was a Cabinet Minister
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