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Now that the euphoria or the disappointment of CAT 2013 is over, I am sure quite a few of you are looking forward to CAT 2014. There must be some new players in this game as well. And some of you, the old and the new, must be wondering - what to do next? CAT 2014 is six months away and how can you make the best use of that time. Now the answer may vary from individual to individual but there are some basic questions that come to the mind of an aspirant which I will like to clarify now.

Q1. Do I have enough time to prepare?

Ans. Yes. Typically, an average student requires anywhere from 300 to 500 hours to prepare for CAT. Even if you can study 2-3 hours a day from now till the CAT exam, you have enough time. But having the time and studying in that time are two very different things. Concentrate on the latter, the former would figure itself out.

Q2. When should I start the preparation for CAT 2014?

Right now is a good time unless your college exams are going on. In that case, as soon as the exams are over. Summer vacations are the best time to start.

Q3. Should I leave my job to prepare for CAT 2014?

Absolutely not.

But I could not prepare well because of job pressure in CAT 2013.

Then work harder, but leaving your job is not the solution to you problem. It will look very bad on your resume.

Q4. Should I start writing mock tests?

If you feel confident about 50% of the syllabus, may be. Otherwise, no. A good time to start writing the mock tests would be in July.

Q5. How should I start?

Putting a framework to any sort of problem always helps. The first goal that you should have is to identify your weak areas. Now don't say, "I am weak at everything" because you are not. You are bound to be relatively better in one area than the other. The key is to identify the weakest links and prepare those areas.

Q6. Should I join a coaching institute?

If you have done coaching in the past, then it does not make much sense. If you haven't, then may be.

Q7. Which coaching institute should I join?

It is not going to make too much difference. Just join the one which is convenient.

Ravi Handa, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is the founder of HandaKaFunda. He teaches an Online CAT Coaching Course for CAT Preparation.

Online CAT Coaching Course for CAT 2019 - https://handakafunda.com/online
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@ravi sir should i join coaching institute for cat2014??  ...........as i completed  btec 3rd year in june

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Depends on plenty of factors. But do try my online course available here:


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