CBSE to Receive Examination Fee of 3.14 lakh Students by the Delhi Government

CBSE to Receive Examination Fee by the Delhi Government
CBSE to Receive Examination Fee

The examination fee for 3.14 lakh Class 10th and 12th students decided to be paid by the Delhi cabinet. This is being chosen for the students of government schools from 2019 -2020 batch. The expected cost to be borne by the government in a year would be Rs 57.20 crore.

The government said that this decision had been taken to provide total subsidy to the students of the government schools for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination fees.

This proposal was given by the Department of Education, Delhi, including government schools and distance learning schools like Patrachar Vidyalayas, Directorate of Education. This has been approved by the cabinet chaired by the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

The DoE will bear all the examination fee of class 10th and 12th government school students, including fee practical exam fees for class 12th science students and also the vocational subjects. The assessment of Class 3rd to 8th and 9th and 11th students will be done on the basis of midterm, and an annual exam by DoE whereas class 10th and 12th students will be judged by the CBSE.