CBSE Exam Fee Hike: Manish Sisodia says BJP against good and cheap Education

CBSE Exam Fee Hike
CBSE Exam Fee Hike

The game of accusation continues as Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday attacked the BJP of being against “good and affordable” education and asked for an explanation over the increase in CBSE examination fees that were forced six lakh families in the city. The claim included that the Delhi BJP leaders asked the Centre to increase the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exam fees after the city government chose to pay the fees of the students.

There was a rise of Rs 1,150 in the first hike in the last five years. Sisodia questioned by claiming that when the government stated that they shall be paying fees of CBSE exams for both the class 10 and 12, then why did the BJP pull a plot to prevent it? The question came straight pointing out the BJP leaders, raising another question that whether they were scheming to make the education of lakhs of children in Delhi expensive?

Sisodia also pointed towards the policies of the BJP which were against “reliable and affordable” education? and asked an interpretation from the BJP for reason for the growth in the fees. Candidates can go through the official website to know more about the fee hike, .

Education is a major key which shall unlock a better and brighter future of the youth of our country and plotting a move to hike it and burdening students and their parents is a good idea? though the question remains unsettled. Where BJP is claiming to show the people good and better days through their tagline but increasing the fees is a part of it? Where the country is hoping for affordable education for both urban and rural areas is it even possible or will be a part of false promises still lies unanswered.

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