CBSE Board Exam 2020: Know about New Exam Pattern for Nine Subjects on

CBSE Board Exam 2020
CBSE Board Exam 2020

The latest update by the Central Board of Secondary Education issuing a significant notification for the 12th students. As per the board, the examination of six subjects will be carried on the pattern of 2019 only.

These six subjects include-

  • Mass Media Studies,
  • Library and Information Science,
  • Typography and CA English,
  • Shorthand English,
  • Typography and CA Hindi,

Only web application question papers following the end year’s pattern. The exams will be the same as every year at the end of the year.

The official website to get more details on the changed exam pattern is .

As explained by the helpline counselor Jaydeb Kar that the pattern of question papers of the remaining nine subjects will be as per the 2020 examination and sample question paper 2020 examination. So, this shall act as a helpful thread for students who are appearing for the examination.

These are the respective nine subjects-

  • Fashion Studies,
  • Agriculture,
  • Office Procedure and Practice,
  • Geospatial Technology,
  • Taxation, Marketing,
  • Salesmanship,
  • Banking,
  • Insurance

Point to be noted-

  • As the beginning of the new session, put undivided attention to the entire syllabus to get a better idea of each subject and the content to prepare throughout the year.
  • If something is not clear, and creating confusion students are advised to ask the teachers. it is important to the reason behind a certain topic in a subject is being covered at a given point.
  • Also, understand the weight each topic allotted to different topics
  • Also go through question paper design as designated in the syllabus to make a regulated preparation for the annual assessment.

The students need to go through the NCERT books as the content in these books is concocted as per the syllabus composed by the board. Furthermore, these books are written by the guides in the field and describe all the topics and concepts in the most simplistic way which can be easily grasped by a student irrespective of his/her intelligence.

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