CBSE and CISCE 2020 Board Exam: 10 tips and tricks that might help

CBSE and CISCE 2020
CBSE and CISCE 2020 Board Exam

As we know CBSE and CISCE have already declared their class 10 and 12 board exam timetable, provoking anxiety among students. So, to help students to deal with exams with a calm mind here are some tips and tricks that shall help the students-

Organize early revision:

The best plan to crack the examination is through rigorous revision. And that can be in any way which makes it easy for you whether practicing the theorems and numerical problems of Mathematics or going through with the chemical formulas in Chemistry, the best way is to do it religiously. So don’t touch the chapters which are untouched or try to learn something last minute rather utilize the remaining time in getting better penetrations on chapters that have already done.

Plan a productive timetable:

Those who optimize their time in the right way are rightly the champions of tomorrow. The making the timetable should include extra hours to the topics which seem hard and complicated, but more manageable topics should also be studied concurrently as they are going to play an important role in scoring well in the examination.

Study each subject on daily studies:

 Provide each subject a fair amount of time. Every subject is essential because they are going to make an impact on one’s scorecard equally. The students should devote extra time to subjects where they lack but other subjects should not be overlooked and be revised regularly and sincerely.

Make notes:

 Making notes while studying is like revising what you know. It shall help them in the last phase of the study; the last-minute browsing before exam day.

Study with friends:

 Though it should be done cautiously as it creates distraction too, to have an honest and sincere group study is always counseled to understand a subject thoroughly and practically. A casual group might end up waving one’s studies.

Study of previous years’ papers:

For greater clarity and better grasp over a subject, a student should also spend some time in solving question papers of the last few years. This shall help the student in trying maximum numbers of questions in the given time slot.

Healthy meal:

 Consumption of a balanced meal each day before and during the exam. Th must constitute a balanced amount of all nutrients — carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals for better immunity and active living to wave off laziness.

Proper breaks:

 A 10-minute break every hour of sitting is good to avoid boredom as well as stiffness.

Sleep well:

 A healthy amount of sleep is the need for the effective functioning of the body and brain. So, try to sleep in a calm and comfortable environment.

Stay positive:

Calming your mind and reaching with the same mind to the examination center 10-15 minutes early and fill your mind with positive thoughts to increase your confidence.

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