CBSE 10th Science Exam 2020 - Multiple-Choice Questions

Students for class 10 knows the importance of the chapter of Reflection and Refraction in science Subject.

The following is list of some of the important multiple choice questions that might come in the examination :-

  1. An object is placed 20 cm in front of a plane mirror. The mirror is moved 2 cm towards the object. The distance between the positions of the original and final images seen in the mirror is:
  1. 2 Cm
  2. 4 cm
  3. 10 cm
  4. 22 cm
  1. A ray of light that strikes a plane mirror PQ at an angle of incidence of 30o, is reflected from the plane mirror and then strikes a second plane mirror QR placed at right angles to the first mirror. The angle of reflection at the second mirror is:
  1. 30o
  2. 45o
  3. 60o
  4. 90o


  1. An object is placed at 100 mm in front of a concave mirror which produces an upright image (erect image). The radius of curvature of the mirror is:
  1. Less than 100 mm
  2. Between 100 mm and 200 mm
  3. Exactly 200 mm
  4. More than 200 mm
  1. Which position of the object will produce a magnified virtual image, if a concave mirror of focal length 15 cm is being used?
  1. 10 cm
  2. 20 cm
  3. 30 cm
  4. 35 cm


  1. A concave mirror produces a magnification of +4. The object is placed:
  1. At the focus
  2. Between focus and centre of curvature
  3. Between focus and pole
  4. Beyond the centre of curvature
  1. Two big mirrors A and B are fitted side by side on a wall. A man is standing at such a distance from the wall that he can see the erect image of his face in both the mirrors. When the man starts walking towards the mirrors, he finds that the size of his face in mirror A goes on increasing but that in mirror B remains the same:
  1. Mirror A is concave and mirror B is convex
  2. Mirror A is plane and mirror B is concave
  3. Mirror A is concave and mirror B is plane
  4. Mirror A is convex and mirror B is concave

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