CAT Exam

The Common Admission Test is one of the most competitive exams in India. One usually gets nervous and stressed before an exam like this. This leads too many mistakes one can make before the exam that may get them in trouble. Here are a few mistakes the candidates have made before. Following the rules and regulations in such a big exam is very important. One needs to keep in mind that the mistakes one makes in CAT may cost them greatly and they may fail to get admission in the college they would want. Almost all the best B schools like IIMs consider the CAT score to welcome worthy students.

The following are some mistakes the aspirants would want to avoid:

  1. Forgetting your Admit Card

The candidate should never forget their admit cards. The admit card is the most important document you need to carry with you. Without the admit card the student will not be allowed to give the exam. The details of the student with the details about the time and place for the exam are on the admit card, thus it is very important to carry the admit card with you for the CAT exam.

  1. Missing out on a document

During the rush and the tension of leaving for the exam, the candidate may fail to take an important document with them. Gather all your documents before leaving your house for the CAT exam.

  1. Being late

The candidate may be late for the exam due to some genuine reasons like traffic or elections. The aspirants need to reach the exam venue on the time informed to the candidates. For the morning session, the candidate needs to arrive at 7:30 am and for the afternoon session the candidate needs to report on 1 pm sharp. Reaching after the reporting time informed would lead to the candidate being disqualified from giving the examination.

  1. Wearing shoes

This is one mistake many candidates have made earlier. Shoes are not allowed in the examination room. Usually because of habit one leaves the house wearing the shoes that are comfortable, but one needs to remember that only sandals or chappals are allowed in the CAT examination hall.

  1. Wearing henna

The girls must keep this in mind that henna is also not allowed in the examination hall. The invigilator would need to take biometric information, therefore, the candidates are not allowed to wear henna. Henna and pen on the skin will create unwanted problems while taking the biometrics of the candidate.

  1. Wearing jewellery or jackets

The students are not allowed to wear jackets or jewellery of any kind. Wearing jackets and jewellery in the examination hall will be considered as cheating in the CAT exam. One will have to remove it outside the hall at their own risk as there is no place to keep for safe keeping them.

  1. Using the on-screen calculator

Many past students who scored high marks in the CAT exams have recommended not using the on-screen calculator since it usually just wastes the time of the candidate. It is better if the aspirant solves the calculations required in their mind itself. One needs to practice fast mental calculations to be able to carry out the needed calculations in the three-hour exam.

  1. Using the keyboard

The candidate is strictly informed to not use the keyboard. All the answer choices are to be made by using the mouse. If one uses the keyboard it will lock the terminal and thus pause the examination portal for that candidate.

  1. Tutorial

The candidate should be prepared for the exam and the rough structure of the paper because there will be no fifteen-minute tutorial at the start of the exam.

  1. The structure

When a candidate is not familiar with the answering process in the exam the candidate usually tends to lose the time of the exam. The standard answering pattern in the CAT exam is given below. One can get used to the answering pattern by giving many mock exams for practice before the exam date.

Green – Answered question; Red – Unanswered question; White – Question not viewed; Violet – Question marked for review. If one can avoid these frequent mistakes one will be able to stay calm and perform properly on the CAT exam. To know more details about CAT examination in order to avoid mistakes, please go through this link Common Admission Test.

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