The Institute of Management, Nirma University (IMNU) was founded on the vision of Padmashri Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel in 1996. Previously known as the Nirma Institute of Management, this university embodies the principles of entrepreneurship, excellence and professionalism, along with imparting top-class business education and successfully producing new generation leaders and managers.

The Institute believes in serious academic pursuit and has built its reputation with a dedicated goal of adding value to life and professional standards. Known as one of the best MBA colleges in India, the Institute of Management understands the need of the global market and encourages original and innovative thinking with regards to national and internationally relevant ideas and policies through intellectually stimulating debates and discussions at all levels.

At IMNU, consultancy and research go hand in hand along with teaching to management graduates in the institute. This also enriches practical knowledge for our faculty members to take it to class rooms while teaching. IMNU is specialized in diagnostic and problem solving studies and preparation of corporate plans and strategies for corporations. The faculty members at IMNU are not only qualified in terms of their specialization in various fields but also come from diverse industry backgrounds as of part of their professional experience apart from academics. This helps IMNU to focus on consultancy across industries and cross functional areas of business and is well recognized for their consultancy amongst private sector organizations, public sector undertakings, central and state governments and NGOs.

The Institute offers consultancy services covering various areas of management. The endeavour is to provide high quality, cost- effective and timely services to business undertakings. The Institute contributes towards designing and implementing policies, systems and processes at the corporate, departmental, & functional levels. The team of faculty members provide the latest know how through continuous research and interface with business. While consultancy assignments are need-based, the institute offers consultancy in the following broad areas which are covered in the next articles.

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