CAT 2019

T minus 10! The big day is round the corner. Stressing in the eleventh hour? Relax. Here we are providing you with five simple tips to handle the preparation of the last ten days well and maximize the utility of your time. Our years of experience say if you follow these, and you will ace your exam!

  1. Don’t Stress Yourself – Given the short span left before CAT 2019, you should not be having a lot on your plate. Keep your motivation level high, be confident about yourself and your preparation. Brush through the topics and concepts that you have learnt and do not touch any new areas. This may result in undesirable and unnecessary tension which is likely to leave adverse effects on your well prepared mind. Our research and study says that CAT is a type of test that explores not solely one but many areas of your strengths and capabilities. It does not only check your knowledge about the exam, but also your mental strength, and how good you are at handling the exam day stress.
  2. Practice mock tests – Attempt easy mock tests on alternate days at a stretch of 3 hours in the morning. Utilize the very same evening by analyzing your answers and solving the unattempted as well as the incorrectly answered questions. Analyze as per the different sections, scores you have gained and the amount of time taken to solve each problem. Work on your speed, improve it and continue to revise your strategy so as to increase your number of attempts and reduce the time invested in attempting the questions answered incorrectly. Ensure that you have the important formulae written down while preparing which you can always go through for a quick revision. Recall these every night before going to bed to have them ready at any moment.
  3.  Face your weaknesses – In the remaining alternate days, concentrate on your weaker points and focus on those topics that require more practice and revision. Dedicate sufficient amount of time on each of the four sections according to the practice they need in a rational manner. Try to avoid taking up anything new on the day your mock test is planned, as it has high chances of messing up the areas you are well prepared for.
  4. Keep yourself well informed about current affairs – Read newspapers online and stay updated on general knowledge as well as awareness on a daily basis without fail. Reading editorials can be helpful in shaping up your perspective and points of view and you will have a better idea about the world around you. An additional help from this will be the improvement in your vocabulary and sentence formation. You can also go through the sample question papers of the MBA exams other than CAT that include a section of General Awareness and General Knowledge.
  5. Final tips – Practice physical exercise every day. This is essential for keeping the mind and body healthy.  Nervousness, panic and instability leave adverse effects on an examinee and you may end up scoring less. Hence, maintaining a calm composure, positive attitude, and keeping a healthy mind are highly recommended. Engage yourself in recreational activities in order to de-stress your mind. Eat protein rich foods that help in increasing mental alertness. Make sure that you don’t skip meals or eat less out of stress. This will leave you fatigued during the examination. Have light food and energy drinks. Avoid food items rich in calories and hard to digest. Last but not the least, get ample amount of sleep every night and don’t stay up too late. As we all know, “early to bed and early to rise, makes [one] healthy, wealthy and wise”.

CAT 2019 Exam day Guide

Add these finishing touches to your preparation schedule. Do not panic, study well and keep calm. The rest will be taken care of automatically. As Swami Vivekananda said, “Ours is to work, the result will take care of itself!”

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Wish you the best of luck!

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