GNIOT Institute of Management Studies, also known as GIMS Greater Noida, is a private college established in 2020 and is part of the renowned GNIOT Group of Institutions. Their Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program is designed to enhance students’ managerial skills and prepare them for a successful career in the corporate world. With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members, The institute is committed to providing a holistic learning experience to our students.

As one walks through the institute’s state-of-the-art facilities and interacts with the experienced faculty members of the institute, one will surely feel a sense of commitment & pride that the institute takes in providing their students with innovative education. To learn more about GIMS, we spoke with Dr. Ruchi Rayat, Dean PGP at GIMS.

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Rayat shares with us the internal support offered and the numerous advantages of being a part of the GIMS culture. He also delves into their innovative teaching pedagogy and the significant ROIs they offer. It’s an insightful read that provides valuable insights into the workings of GIMS and the kind of education they offer. So join us in discovering the inner workings of GIMS and their PGDM program.

Learn about their unique approach to teaching, their commitment to their students’ holistic development, and the exciting opportunities that await them. Read the interview outline here and get a glimpse into what it’s like to be a part of the GNIOT family.

1. How do you see the business world changing in the post-pandemic era, and what are the significant trends and shifts you anticipate?

Since the post-COVID era, I have noticed several significant changes in the business world. Firstly, online education has become an integral part of our daily lives. Secondly, I have observed that supply chain management and logistics have emerged as a new vertical, creating a surge of interest among students, leading to a considerable increase in placements in this domain. Thirdly, digital marketing and payments have become crucial components of education. Incorporating these digital platforms is essential for B-schools as many students are currently looking for business initiatives in the digital field and wish to work on something of their own. Recently, I came across a survey stating that 90% of financing in India is being allocated to IT-related operations, a new trend we are now observing. Moreover, most of this investment is moving through platforms with regional languages and has now joined English as a standard operating language. Consequently, I believe there has been a significant movement toward student employment opportunities.

 2. In light of these changes, What, in your opinion, are the top five skills an PGDM student should possess to succeed in the current job market?

I believe that the first and foremost skill that a PGDM student needs in the current job market is to think like an entrepreneur, even if they are employed in a job. Nowadays, organisations do not have the patience to train employees, and it is essential to be well-trained and proficient even before starting a job. This skill can be difficult to learn but is equally significant.

The second skill is proficiency in Information Technology, especially in programs like Word and Excel. Data mining, artificial intelligence, and other related skills are becoming increasingly crucial in today’s world. Being skilled in these areas can make an individual immensely valuable to an organisation.

The third skill is interpersonal skills, which have become more critical due to the increased dependence on email and cell phone communication. At GIMS, we have trainers who focus on developing soft skills, aptitude tests, and other crucial exercises because we understand their importance in real-world situations.

The fourth skill is the ability to learn quickly and be dynamic because businesses are evolving at a rapid pace. Changes occur frequently, and competition is increasing every day, making it essential to learn quickly.

Finally, the fifth skill is being physically and mentally tough. The job market is becoming increasingly uncertain, and layoffs are becoming more common, even in reputed companies. Therefore, being strong on the mental front is essential for students to succeed in the good and bad times.

3. What are the distinct opportunities provided by PGDM program at GIMS, Greater Noida, that enable students to equip themselves to tackle the changing demands and challenges of the dynamic business world?

At GIMS, we provide a balanced approach to classroom learning and practical implementation. We strive to clear the fundamentals of students on a particular subject during classroom lectures, followed by industry visits, workshops, case studies, and debates to help students understand concepts more profoundly with real-world dynamics. Through these industry projects, students gain comprehensive knowledge about their subjects: IT, Marketing, Finance, or HR.

Furthermore, we understand that every individual comes from a diverse socio-economic background, and some may need to improve in English or the subject matter. Therefore, we groom students based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, using something called an individual SWOT analysis. It is a challenge as each student is unique, and we need to groom them accordingly. We have trainers with diverse backgrounds and language knowledge to train the students.

We also invite top industry leaders every month to bring a dynamic perspective on industry realities, providing a crucial industry connection to our PGDM students. These unique offerings make our PGDM program a unique experience for our students, preparing them for placements and their future careers.

 4. Can you provide insights about the recent placements at Greater Noida and the different kinds of profiles, roles, and companies recruiting from the PGDM program?

As a representative of our institute, I am thrilled to share that we have recently initiated our second placement season and have also started providing international placements. One of our students has already received an offer package of 23LPA, which has motivated and inspired other students as well as prospective candidates.

Moreover, we have witnessed over 70+ reputed companies visiting our campus for placements, providing ample opportunities to our students. Many of our students have received multiple job offers, and our goal is not just to place them but to place them in the best possible firms. We have received offers from some exceptional companies that can enhance our students’ abilities and potential and provide opportunities for their growth and progress within the organisation.

5. According to your perspective, how has the increased importance of technology and innovation in the corporate world impacted the PGDM curriculum and faculty in general?

As an educator, I believe that the development of technology and IT cannot be stopped. Assistance from software like ChatGPT is readily available to students. However, our goal is to understand how much the students have truly learned, even with the support system in place. For instance, a student might use ChatGPT to create a 50-page project, but we challenge them to present it in the next 30 minutes and engage in a Q&A session. They must comprehend the subject’s fundamentals to actively participate in such discussions, even with support from IT or digital platforms. In my opinion, the focus should be on deepening the students’ basic understanding despite taking assistance from technology.

6. Would you like to share a memorable experience of a Greater Noida student or alum who successfully completed the programme and the placement community processes and achieved significant accomplishments?

I would like to share two instances with you. One of our students received an international placement offer but chose to work in India. He was extremely skilled and impressed the interviewers during the GDPI process, leading to an offer for an international job. It was a pleasant surprise for us and for the student as well, as it showed that a good learner can exceed expectations and have excellent opportunities available to them, both nationally and globally.

In another instance, we had a student who wanted to study a combination of two subjects that were outside our pre-established curriculum. However, since she was clear and firm about her future plans, we supported her and allowed her to undertake a dual subject course with personalised faculty support. As a result of her excellent skill set and work ethic, she secured a summer internship in January, ahead of the usual timeline.

These experiences help us understand the unique needs and aspirations of our students, which in turn helps us train and prepare them for their desired career paths. Going above and beyond to support our students and serve as a catalyst in their professional journeys provides a deep sense of satisfaction that cannot be described in words.

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