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The T A Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal is one of the premier institutions to provide the best educational opportunities to students all over the country. Since its inception in 1980, it has been a frontrunner in forming some of the most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs that have made famous careers worldwide. TAPMI is ranked in the top 1% of the B-Schools in India. 

Recently TAPMI concluded the recruitment drive, which led to 100% campus placements for the flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance batch of 2021-2023. This successful campaign can only be attributed to the efficient courses and programs in the institution backed up by years of experience in education. 

Importance of PGDM in Banking & Finance 

After graduation, most students aspire to build a successful career in their respective fields. Due to the growth of the economy, the banking and finance sector is one of the most prominent sectors that students can choose. Sooner or later, they understand the importance of PGDM in Banking & Finance as it offers hands-on experience and preparation for a brilliant career ahead. Getting a postgraduate diploma in this field will enable individuals to increase their efficiency in the business field. Not to mention that it also increases their chances of getting placed in top companies. 

Since most organizations and businesses run for financial gain, they are always looking for talented individuals capable of handling business relations and operations effectively. Most employers look forward to recruiting skilled and well-educated professionals who can handle their job responsibilities well. So, one can make a profitable move by pursuing a PGDM course in Banking & Finance. 

Only a few opportunities wait in line for professionals interested in banking and finance. There is a vast scope for such individuals in the market since companies always look for people who can help them shape and size their finances best. With a banking and finance postgraduation degree, individuals can opt for roles such as accounting managers, corporate controllers, management consultants, investment bankers, and much more. 

MBA Banking & Finance At TAPMI 

TA Pai Management Institute is one of the leading institutions that offer the best MBA-BKFS or MBA Banking & Finance program, which places prime focus on value-creation with the help of financial analysis. This program has been designed for MS-Finance enthusiasts and is based on US programs with additional insights to make it the best business management program for candidates. With the help of this program, students can get an in-depth understanding of proper financial and business decisions. 

TAPMI also offers other amenities such as a state-of-the-art Finance Lab, management clubs, and much more. This program encourages students to make a managerial career in finance and banking. Affiliated to numerous banks, financial institutions, and national organizations, TAPMI’s MBA in Banking & Finance program offers students an opportunity to build an astonishing career in the country’s growing economy. 

Features of TAPMI MBA-BKFS

  • Scholarships provided to pursue further programs such as CFA and FRM
  • CFA C-BOK & FRM certified curriculum
  • Accredited by AACSB and AMBA
  • Proper training associated with SBI Staff Training College, Hyderabad & BSE Training Institute, BSE, Mumbai, which enables students to hone industry-leading skills
  • TAPMI Finance Lab integrated courses which are powered by at least sixteen Bloomberg and seven Reuters terminals
  • Primary focus on Experiential Learning through SMIC (student-managed investment course) as well as Samnidhy (student management mutual fund) that is designed around the TAPMI Finance Lab
  • 100% Placement records
  • Master thesis course that can offer the student a stellar option to acquire proper first-hand experience in research and education in finance 
  • Experienced faculty for proper monitoring 

The main objective of TAPMI’s MBA Banking & Finance program is to ensure that students are provided with the necessary education and skills that will enable them to make a shining career in the field of banking and finance. Top graduates are accepted into leading companies and organizations in managerial positions that will allow them to grow in their careers. 

Placement Statistics At TAPMI 

TAPMI recently conducted a campus placement session with 100% placements of the students belonging to TAPMI’s PGDM Banking & Finance program. The average salary calculated during the placement session stood at INR 15.7 lakhs. The highest salary package went up to INR 22.3 lakhs, with the average CTA of the top 10 students reaching almost INR 21.7 lakhs. The institution has achieved a 4.1% increase in its post-program salary packages compared to the pre-program salary packages. About 59 students participated in the TAPMI placement session, and all of them got glorious placement records from top companies such as Accenture, Arcesium, CRISIL, Deloitte, EY India, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Lowe’s, Kotak Bank, SBI Capital, Wells Fargo, ThemePro, Tata Capital, CitiCorp, HCL, etc. 

Admissions are open for MBA, MBA-BKFS, MBA-Marketing & MBA-HRM for the year 2023. To apply, click here.

To know more about TAPMI and to ask any queries, visit [Official] TAPMI MBA Admissions 2022-24 | PaGaLGuY

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