BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science), Pilani is a private Institute for higher education. It was established in 1964 and it is located in Pilani, Rajasthan.

The BITSAT exam for 2019 will be conducted from May 16 to 26, 2019 for 3 hours with a total of 150 questions. The questions will be in English Language only. It will be a computer-based test with objective type multiple choice questions. The candidates must be aware of the syllabus in order to prepare for the BITSAT 2019.

The syllabus for all the subjects in BITSAT 2019 is given below:

  • Physics syllabus for BITSAT 2019:

When compared to other sections, the Physics section will be a bit tough. This section will have 40 questions with 3 marks each. Approximate weight-age of the questions in Physics is mentioned below:

Topics Weight-age of marks Topics Weight-age of marks
Mechanical properties 5 Current electricity 4
Dual nature of matter & radiation 3-4 Magnetism &  moving charges 3-4
Thermodynamics 3-4 Rigid body dynamics 3-4
Work, energy & power 3-4 Planar motion 3-4
Ray optics 3-4 Wave Optics 3-4
Kinetic theory & thermal properties of matter 3-4 Atomic study 3-4
Oscillation 3-4 Gravitation 3-4
Kinematics 2-3 Alternating current 2-3
Waves 2-3 Electrical field 2-3
Capacitance & electric potential 2-3 Semiconductors 2-3
Laws of motion 2-3

Chemistry section will also have 40 questions with topics from XI and XII standard science syllabus of NCERT. Following is the syllabus for chemistry along with the weight-age of marks:

Topics Weight-age of marks Topics Weight-age of marks
Basic concepts 5-6 Equilibrium 4
P- block elements 5 Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids 4
Chemical bonding 3-4 Coordination compounds 2-3
Thermodynamics & thermochemistry 3-4 Alkalines, alkenes, and alkynes 3-4
Haloalkanes & haloarenes 2-3 Solid state 2-3
Alcohols, phenols, and others 3-4 Phenols 2-3
Chemical kinetics 2-3 Hydrogen and the s- block elements 2-3
Polymers 2-3 States of matter 2-3
d and f block elements 3-4 Solutions 2-3
  • English language & Logical Reasoning syllabus for BITSAT 2019:

This section will be divided into 2 parts, the English language section which will have 15 questions and Logical Reasoning section with10 questions. The overall question level for this section will be easy. The logical reasoning section is conducted to assess the candidates reasoning ability in both verbal and non-verbal sectors.

English Language:

Topics Sub- topics
Grammar Agreement, parallel construction, determiners, modals, adjectives, transformation, phrasal verbs, time and tense, relative pronouns, prepositions, voice, question tags etc.
Vocabulary Synonyms, odd word, jumbled letters, spelling, antonyms, one word, homophones, contextual meaning, analogy etc.
Reading comprehension Content, referents, rewording/ reconstruction, vocabulary etc.
Composition Rearrangement, linkers or connectives, paragraph unity etc

Logical Reasoning:

Topics Subtopics
Verbal reasoning Analogy, series completion, chart logic, logical deduction- reading passage, classification etc
Non- verbal reasoning Pattern perception, paper cutting, rule detection, figure formulation, and analysis etc.

Mathematics syllabus for BITSAT 2019:

This section will be moderate and tricky in nature. Following are the topic wise syllabus for Mathematics section:

                      Topics Topics
Trigonometry Differential calculus
Integral calculus Probability
Statistics Linear programming
Mathematical modeling Algebra
Two-dimensional coordinate geometry Three-dimensional coordinate geometry
Ordinary differential equations Vectors

Sample papers for BITSAT 2019:

The sample papers for BITSAT 2019 will be available on the official website for each year. The candidates are advised to prepare for the exam using the sample papers. Sample papers will give a clear idea about the questions that will appear in the exams. It will also help you in increasing your performance level. Some importance of sample papers is given below:

  • Sample question papers are one of the best ways for self-evaluation. The candidates can evaluate their preparation level by solving the sample papers.
  • This will also help the candidates to enhance their time management and will support them very well during the exams. Solving the sample papers will also help in evaluating the strong and weak areas of the candidates.
  • The biggest benefit will be the increase in the speed and accuracy in solving the questions. This is very important for every candidate during the exam. It will also provide the best idea about the question paper in the BITSAT exam.

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