BITSAT exam will be conducted in a computer-based type for all the programs. The candidates appearing for the qualifying exam in 2018 are also eligible to apply for this exam. The admit card for BITSAT will be available through online mode. The questions will be presented in a random sequence on the screen. The BITSAT exam for 2019 is scheduled to be conducted from May 16- 26, 2019 in various days. The exam for BITSAT will be divided into 4 parts. They are as follows:

Number of Parts Number of questions
Part I 40
Part II 40
Part III 25
Part IV 45
  • BITSAT 2019 offers admissions into 3 campuses of BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science) for various courses like B.E/ B. Tech? M.Sc courses etc. the questions will be organized from NCERT books of 11 and 12th
  • Like the previous year trends, the cutoffs for 2019 BITSAT is expected to increase. The organizing body for BITSAT exam will release mock tests in order to guide the candidates regarding the exam and how it will be conducted.

 Exam pattern for BITSAT 2019:

Number of parts Name of the sections Number of questions
Part I Physics 40


Part II Chemistry 40


Part III English Proficiency

Logical Reasoning



Part IV Mathematics/ Biology (B. Pharm) 45


Total 150


  • The BITSAT 2019 exam will have objective type multiple choice questions which will be conducted online as a computer-based test. The part I exam will have questions from Physics subject, part II from Chemistry with 40 questions, Part III with English Proficiency- 15 questions and Logical Reasoning- 10 questions and Part-IV mathematics/ Biology with 45 questions.
  • The total number of questions will be 150 and each question will have 4 choices and the candidates should choose the right answer from the given choices.
  • The medium of all the exams will only be in the English Language. In the marking scheme, each right answer will contain 3 marks, while the incorrect answer will be awarded a penalty of 1 mark for each.
  • The exam will be conducted for a total time period of 3 hours without any break. The candidates can change their answer for any of the questions at any given point.
  • There are no sectional timings for this exam. Once the candidates complete their BITSAT exam, the scores will be announced immediately.
  • The candidates can take a print copy of their BITSAT scores from the official website. The scores can be collected by the candidates on the next day of the exam taken by the candidates.

Important points to be remembered for the candidates:

  • In the BITSAT 2019 exam, each candidate will be given a different set of question paper.
  • Blank sheets for calculation and other works will be provided if required to the candidates by the invigilator during the test.
  • No calculators and logarithmic tables will be allowed for the candidates to bring them inside the exam hall.
  • The candidates will be allowed to bring a pen for rough work and signing of the documents during the exam.

Extra questions in BITSAT 2019:

  • In the exam, if a candidate is able to complete all the questions i.e. 150 questions without skipping any before the specified time i.e. 3 hours, then the candidate will have an option to attempt 12 extra questions within the time left for the exam to get completed.
  • The questions will be designed in a manner that a bright student will be able to answer all the 150 questions within 3 hours. The extra 12 questions are provided for highly meritorious candidates to score still high.
  • The extra questions will be from the same sections of the BITSAT 2019 exam pattern. Four questions will be asked from each part. Once the candidate has opted to answer the extra questions, he/she cannot return back for any corrections in the previous 150 questions of the BITSAT exam attempted by the candidate.
  • The candidates must remember that there will be negative marking for the wrong answers. So the candidates must avoid answering by mere random guessing as it may result in the reduction of the total score of the BITSAT 2019.

Some important topics for the part I exam are, Units and Measurement, Newton’s laws of motion, work and energy, kinematics, gravitation and impulse, and momentum etc.

Some important topics for Part II exam are stets of matter, hydrogen and s- block elements, electrochemistry, physical and chemical equilibrium, and chemical kinetics etc.

Some of the important topics to be covered for BITSAT 2019, Part III is Reading comprehension, analogy, syllogism, antonyms, vocabulary, verbal reasoning, classification test, puzzle test, word formation etc.

Some of the important topics to be covered in Part IV exam are diversity in the living world, complex numbers, binomial theorem, Pascal’s triangle, reproduction, growth, and movement of plants, permutation and combination, binomial theorem, structure and function of animals, plants and arithmetic numbers etc.

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