BIMTECH Team Shows Sterling Performance at IIM-Ahmedabad Masterplan 2016

IIM Ahemdabad’s Flagship Business Plan Competition “Masterplan 2016” selected 5 teams for “Cognitive Entrepreneurship Challenge” from all over India through a screening process held on November 2nd. Two teams from BIMTECH were selected for the Cognitive Entrepreneurship Challenge. These students made their final presentation to the judges on November 26 at IIM Ahemdabad. The competition was based on the theme of application of IBM Watson Analytics to a real life situation or a business problem.

The team comprising of AseemMathur, AkhilPandit, Harsh, Bharat Prakash Gupta, Anurag Prasad PGDM-IB secured the National Runner Up position in the event and received prize money of Rs. 30,000. The result was based on judgment of panel having officials from IBM and IIM-Ahmedabad.

The challenge focuses on students and startups wanting to solve traditional business problems or the new age business challenges through the interventions of Artificial Intelligence. These platforms encompass machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech and vision, human-computer interaction, dialog and narrative generation and much more. Watson is a powerful analytical tool working on the idea of cognitive learning and working with businesses, scientists, researchers and governments.

In the initial phase of the project, the team was briefed by Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Leader Risk and Compliance (Japan-IoT) and Global Process Architect (BUR and DR) at IBM. He provided critical insights to help students develop a direction for the entrepreneurial idea and motivated the team to aggressively pursue the opportunity. Upon successful registration of the team “Team AAROGYA” on the competition website, the group initiated the project by brainstorming the objective of the venture. The Healthcare sector was chosen as it is a promising industry providing considerable value addition to the entire population to the nation.

The Solution provided by Team AAROGYA addressed the lack of Diagnostic examinations and Medical Advisory as well as preventing spread of epidemics in the country. Additionally, the machine would provide analytical insights powered by IBM Watson to detect medical anomalies in the subsequent generations.

The services would assist medical professionals in treating their patients with higher efficiency and specificity. AAROGYA would be associated with Government medical institutions, Pathological Laboratories and Pharmaceutical companies for the Revenue Generation objective.

The second team that got selected into the final round and got opportunity to present at IIMA comprised of ShashankJha andSayantan Das from PGDM. The team presented their idea about using IBM Watson APIs for hiring and employee retention.

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