Digital Boom in Indian Grocery Market By G.L Bajaj

Digital boom seems to be prominent in Indian Grocery market. In India we have seen different online grocery players fighting for the common market space. The companies like zopnow, naturebasket and bigbasket are popular in delivery of grocery products. The failure of grofers, peppertap and localbanya has made the digital marketers to give a second thought that investing in online grocery business is paying off or not.

The business with electronic media has crossed the commercialization of web 2 world and web 3 is showing prevalence. But the challenges faced by marketers in sustaining the constant space is unbeatable in many respect. The companies have been consistently trying to make the mark by exploiting the effective digital marketing tools but amazon has successfully conquered all till now.

Amazon started in 1996 and the case of this company irrespective of its current competitors is exemplary. The company has been generating huge revenue in India against its Indian counterparts Flipkart and Snapdeal. The digital companies have to evaluate themselves consistently on few parameters like balance score card, performance metrics. The grocery is delivered by Snapdeal, flipkart and amazon. The market of grocery has become saturated and the strategies for its sale need to be unique. The delivery time is given minimum by zopnow and it is among the top player in online grocery now.

In a nutshell the grocery sale via online needs innovation and creativity in addition to the usage of right digital marketing tool.

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