The name Thapar  has been there for ages when it comes to providing leaders in any industry.

LMTSM  does everything in its power to equip each and every individual who is here to make him corporate ready and take any challenge heads on.

The college has a dedicated Training and Placement cell under the guidance of Sanmeet Sidhu (B.E- Thapar University, MBA- UBS, Chandigarh). With a dedicated team who works around the clock to provide best opportunities along with training having best of facilitators in various areas like quantitative ability, logical reasoning etc. to equip you with right knowledge catering to the assessment tests for different companies for on as well as off-campus opportunities.

Being a good orator and a presenter is a necessity to excel in placements as well as incorporate. The college has regular sessions of group discussions, mock interviews from the first semester in order to evolve you into a good professional who can have a clear and dynamic power of expression.

The Group discussions and Mock interviews are taken by industry experts and other prestige IIM’s professionals are called in the campus to conduct these sessions so we can gain better insights, making our learning curve grow. Continuous feedback and interaction sessions are conducted to keep track of student’s progress and learnings.

During the placement season, special boot camps are organized in order to give better training to make you land up in your dream company. These sessions are company oriented, and the faculty even burns the midnight oil for its students to excel during the placement season.

The internship and placement department also have student committee to enhance their engagement with the corporate world and the process of decision making which is also the critical aspect of any manager which starts early here in the college itself.

Every once or twice in two weeks, the college organizes seminars as well as call top-notch industry professionals to talk about the corporate world and give the right insights. To right track our efforts and be corporate ready in the short span of two years.

The college endorses the work ethic of being a student-driven college. The students can organize, manage and lead various campaigns on and off-campus with the highest level of freedom and the best type of mentoring to carve out the managerial qualities like organizing, operating as well as leading which are the pillars of any individual who wants to excel in the corporate world.

With numerous examples of multiple leaders which LMTSM have provided, a recent example is of 2018-2020 batch, Jasmine Kour who not only bagged a package of 18.81 lakh per annuum with Mastercard but continues to shine in the company because of the qualities this college brings out and unleashes the potential you have within you.

The college fundamentals, principles, diversity, facilitators, program, mentors, all these factors come together to make you Corporate Ready.

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