One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad is enhanced employment opportunities. Despite the advantages, majority of the students do not take the decision of studying abroad due to the high costs involved. Securing an education loan is one of the biggest challenges thatstudents face. If you are keen on studying in a foreign university, where do you start?

The answer is beginning with “Start with Smart” assessment of the choices available!

The initial assessment begins with checking the eligibility criteria of the student loan you want to apply for. Before approaching any finance provider, it is necessary to look at different factors such as convenience, reliability and comparison of interest rates with other service providers. You can approach the finance provider and obtain a checklist that gives you an idea about the eligibility criteria and features of the education loan.

Smart tip- Always apply for an insurance cover for loan as it prepares you to face any unavoidable financial hardships/risks that may happen during the loan tenure.

At Avanse, you don’t have to face hardships like other finance providers. We work hard to ensure students applying for education are able to fully concentrate on studies and not worry about expenses related to the course, food, travel and accommodation while studying in a foreign university. We offer 100% finance to students who wish to study in a foreign university and do not require any margin money or down payment from the student.. The loan amount also includes additional benefits like discounts for insurance, etiquette training, telecom services, travel assistance and personality development.

Avanse offers customized loan solutions after taking a holistic view of the student as well as the co-signer and security, if any, for the loan. Meritorious students are given the option of availing a loan without any security for select courses and countries. Various flexibilities and features with co-signer and collateral norms assist student get access to financing that would otherwise be hard to obtain. Avanse has a dedicated research wing that keep up with various developments and nuances of the dynamic education sector globally; this translates to underwriting innovation via which Avanse can project the future career trajectory of students. Such innovations and domain knowledge simply means smarter financing options for smart Indian student community.

Attractive features of Avanse education loans for students

  • Loan disbursement or loan sanction before admission( to show proof of funds)
  • No margin money requirement. We offer 100% finance option for student education loan.
  • No limit on maximum loan amount
  • Convenient loan sanction procedure.
  • Transparent and hassle free process that allows students to concentrate on studies instead of loan repayment
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Doorstep service offered in which special client relationship manager works with you on loan requirements
  • Post loan disbursement, loan account is moved to online portal where you can manage your loan account seamlessly
  • Certificate of availability of finances provided which is required for admission in US varsities
  • All pre-admission and educational expenses are fully covered in Avanse education loan. Expenses such as consultant charges, test preps, admission applications fees, course fees and living expenses covered in loan amount·

Start smart, select Avanse education loans and race ahead in your career. Click here to apply now.

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