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Abhishek Yoganand from XIME Chennai visited Audencia Business School for his student exchange programme. He shares his experience-

Audencia Business School Winter Program was indeed a wonderful and an enriching experience. The course was conducted online and lasted for two weeks. The courses offered to me were Managing diversity in organizations and Business model media. Each course lasted for a week with eight sessions each along with a quiz for one course and a case analysis and presentation for the other.


Managing diversity in organizations dealt with topics like introducing equality, diversity and intersectionality, diversity management and the EU, diversity in the labor market and policy and practice of diversity. The course was an eye opener to the diversity and discriminations happening across different countries like France, India, Peru, Uruguay, Canada, etc. The students attending the course were hailing from the aforementioned countries, and they shared the kind of discrimination and diversity management happening in their countries, while the morning sessions would be lectures by the professor. We learnt about the various policies the EU had adopted to curb discriminative practices and to encourage diversity. We also learnt how organizations were knowingly or unknowingly discriminating based on gender or ethnicity and how that affected the workforce seeking employment in the job market. At the end of the week, we had a quiz based on the learnings acquired in the past week. The timings were made as accommodating for students from all the countries to attend the live sessions based on their convenience. All the sessions were recorded and were available on their platform for future reference.

Business Model media dealt with topics like key challenges, changing landscapes, marketplace of niche, audiences and engagement, revenue model, the ecosystem approach, and innovations in journalism. This course was very new and interesting as it dealt with journalism and how it works and has worked during tough times like the pandemic. The professor was very energetic and enthusiastic and made the online class as interactive and lively as possible, while the fact still remains that we were not able to attend the classes in Nantes, France, where the true essence and the atmosphere of the program could be experienced. At the end of the week, all of us were split into groups based on our country or region for time compatibility, and were each by group given a company from the UK that dealt with journalism and were asked to analyze the case. All of us had to work together to answer the questions asked in the case study analysis and had to present our findings at the end of the week, based on which each group and the respective students were graded.

Overall, it was a great experience and showed new ways and perspectives of looking at things from a global viewpoint. The student contributions from various countries were what added value and flare to the program which were really informative.

– Abhishek Yoganand,
XIME Chennai,
PGDM 2020-22.


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