Article 370 and 35(A) revoked: What changes it brings to Kashmir?

Home Minister Amit Shah has revoked two vital constitutional provisions – Article 370 and Article 35(A) – which brings exclusive rights to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

In order to make this announcement a smooth process, the Government had put some influential ministers of Kashmir to detention and restricted their movement. Internet services also got suspended in the state.

 Article 370 stands for:

  • Except in defence, foreign affairs, finance and communications, the centre needs the state government’s concurrence to apply laws under this article.
  • The citizen of Jammu and Kashmir have a different set of laws to follow on citizenship, ownership of property, and fundamental rights, as compared to other Indian Citizens.
  • Central Government cannot declare a financial emergency except war and external aggression.
  • Indian citizens from other states cannot purchase land or property in Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Constitutional provisional does not apply to Jammu and Kashmir like other states of India as it is having the status of a particular autonomous state.

Article 35(A) stands for:

  • The state’s Constitution defined a permanent resident as someone who has been a resident for ten years and has lawfully acquired immovable property.
  • No outsider can now own property in J&K or get a state job.
  • The is also known as the Permanent Residents Law.
  • It deprives the state’s female residents of property rights when they marry an ‘outsider’. It is also applicable to children born of any such women.

What will be the result of Revoking Article 370 and 35(A)?

  • People from anywhere in India will be able to buy the property and permanently settle in the state.
  • A separate Union Territory will be created for Jammu & Kashmir with the legislature.
  • The Ladakh region is also being given the status of a Union Territory, without legislature.

It is a great day today for India, for this historic announcement. Now the country can witness the hoisting of Indian Flag on the terrain of Kashmir. People of India are happy and have welcomed the Government’s decision with a great heart.