An MBA Program @UMass Lowell

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell is designed to prepare managers to effectively lead organizations in rapidly changing and diverse regional, national, and global competitive environments. The MBA program at UML integrates theory and practice, using case studies, experiential learning techniques, and field programs applicable to a wide variety of commercial, industrial and not-for-profit settings.

All business programs in The Robert J. Manning School of Business at UMass Lowell are fully accredited by the AACSB, the highest business accreditation possible in the United States. Our well-trained, doctorally qualified and experienced faculties teach most of the courses in the colleges MBA program. With the students first philosophy, professors, advisors, staff, administrators and the dean are all easily accessible to students.

The MBA program with options in Accounting, Finance & Information Technology is designed to prepare graduates to:

  1. Understand the role of business in creating and capturing value in the economic system
  2. Integrate the functional areas of business to create value for the firm
  3. Effectively converse across all business functions in order to have an integrated perspective on business problems and issues
  4. Use the management process necessary to lead change
  5. Make ethical decisions fostering corporate citizenship
  6. Demonstrate competency in critical thinking and communication skills leading to effective problem solving and decision making

One of the important aspects of the UML program is the “human side” of business. UML understands that business is about working with people, and our commitment to this is evident throughout the college. Our courses are developed with opportunities to work on teams, partner with local businesses, and develop strong bonds among students and between students and faculty, which has led UMass Lowell to being named one of Americas best business schools by the Princeton Review , a US-based standardized test preparation and admissions consulting company.

To gain entrance into this prestigious MBA program international students have the option to apply to a Pre-Masters program (PMP). The PMP is a one or two semester program designed for students who have completed a bachelors degree but need additional support to gain entry to the UMass Lowell masters program. The PMP program helps to close the gap in your academic skills and offers courses to fully prepare you to be successful in the MBA program in the United States, while also gaining credit towards your degree in the process.

When you are accepted into the PMP, you are also conditionally accepted into the masters program, as long as you successfully complete the PMP coursework and attain a GPA of 3.0 in both your PMP and graduate courses and have a GMAT score of a 500. You do not need to make any other application and you will only need one student visa application.

To apply students should have a recognized undergraduate degree with results equivalent to a US GPA of 2.6 and an IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80iBT. The required documents for the application include: completed application form, certified copies of university academic transcripts and degree, IELTS or TOEFL score, three letters of reference (academic or professional), CV, one page statement of purpose. These documents should be emailed to [email protected] . No work experience is required to apply for the MBA program.

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