Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test (TISSNET) is an entrance exam for MBA aspirants and is organized at the national level i.e., all over the country. The selection test for the postgraduate qualification in Human Resource (HRM) program will be of 100 minutes span with 100 questions and each question will be of 1 mark. The dimension of difficulty in TISSNET MBA runs between simple to direct. There will be no penalty or negative marking for the wrong responses marked by the candidate.


Exam Structure of TISSNET MBA 2019:


S. No Number of Section Number of Questions Total Marks
01 General Awareness 35 35
02 English Language 30 30
03 Math and Logical Reasoning 35 35
Total 03 100 100


Features of the Exam:

There will be no sectional time limit in TISSNET MBA 2019; so, all the test takers are allowed to move forward and backward over the different sections of the online test. Each right response will be granted +1 and no negative scores for unanswered questions.


Sectional Analysis of TISSNET MBA 2019:


01.General Awareness: Will be reported once the TISS NET MBA is led.


02.English Language: Will be reported once the TISS NET MBA is led.


03.Math and Logical Reasoning: Will be declared once the TISS NET MBA is led.

Qualifying Cut-off of the TISSNET MBA 2019 Exam:


S. No. Category Percentage of Cut-off
01 General 45 %
02 OBC 45 %
03 SC/ST 35 %


Expected Cut-off of TISSNET MBA 2019:


Category T.I.M.E. Career Launcher (CL)
General 72+ 75
SC/ST 65-66


TISSNET Analysis of the year 2018:

The TISSNET 2017 test paper granted the chance to the understudies to score intensely in the English and Consistent and Expository area of the paper. Notwithstanding a couple of inquiries, all the 60 questions were reasonable and there was adequate time to endeavour each question.

The main contrast were the marks one could get in the General Learning area. An understudy who is completely tuned in to the present happenings in the nation and abroad and one who has a propensity for experiencing the papers frequently, discovered this segment simple to split. There was an overwhelming portion of Static GK too which could have any kind of effect in the inevitable denotes that one gets in the test.


A decent understudy would have endeavoured the three areas in the accompanying way


Section No. of Questions Time Limit Expected Correct Answer
G.K. 40 15 15+
Logical Reasoning 15 20 13
Maths 7 10 6
Data Interpretation 8 12 8
Verbal Ability 25 25 19+
Reading Comprehension 5 8 7
100 90 68


*Cradle of at least 10 minutes.


Reading Comprehension (30 questions):

The English segment had the accompanying example.


Section No. of Questions Difficulty
Analogies 4 Easy
Sentence Correction 3 Easy
Fill in blank 9 Easy
Idioms 4 Easy
Odd Man Out 3 Easy
Antonyms 2 Easy


There was ONE perusing perception entry on sustenance for competitors and had FIVE inquiries with the section. All inquiries were direct and ought to have been unravelled by understudies!


Logical Ability:

The segment was simple with the exception of two inquiries. The inquiry which needed to figure the quantity of square shapes in a 6*5 matrix and another on Basic Thinking, were the main ones that were most likely difficult in the paper.  An inquiry which requested the response to a 3*5*4 figure may have puzzled the understudies as there was no answer which was relating to the augmentation of the above numbers! An understudy could undoubtedly get around 12 or 13 marks absent much issue.



Arithmetic territory (Maths) had 7 questions. Of these, TWO were from Geometry, TWO from Midpoints and THREE from Proportions, Rates and Benefit and Misfortune!  All the 7 questions were sitters and any understudy could have every one of the 7 right. There was just a single inquiry on Midpoints, which was somewhat long and could have tested an understudy!


General Knowledge:

The General Knowledge area had a liberal portion of Static inquiries/questions. There were inquiries on Current issues, people groups, books and sports people.


Section No. of Questions
Static 20
Current Affairs 12
Books/People 6
Sports/Persons 2
Total 40


A candidate with a considerable measure of general mindfulness and who is side by side of the incident in the nation and abroad, could score well in the paper. Around 20 marks would be viewed as great here! The cut-off would be pretty much in a similar range for HRM course. With the program at the Hyderabad Grounds being rejected, the edginess to get into the Mumbai Grounds has stayed high.

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