This Is How You Should Prepare For IBSAT

IBSAT is an online aptitude test conducted by ICFAI (The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India) foundation which is a deemed university under section 3 of UGC act 1956. It is conducted for the candidates aiming for admission to MBA/Ph.D. and BBA programs of IBS Hyderabad. IBSAT is a computer-based test which consists of multiple choice questions.

IBSAT consists of 4 sections Data Interpretation& Data Adequacy-30 questions, Quantitative Aptitude-30 questions, Reading Comprehension-30 questions and Verbal Ability- 50 questions. So it has a total of 140 questions with 1 mark each. There are no negative markings for wrong and unattempted answers. The duration of this exam is 2 hours. There are no sectional timings and no sectional cutoffs for this exam.

Last Minute Preparation Tips For IBSAT:

  • Review and revise: Revision is the only word that everyone is used to hear from childhood during exams. A revision will be a best last minute tip for any exam. The revision will be the most efficient way to assure that you have learned the syllabus thoroughly. Even though it would be difficult to revise the topics again and again before the D-day but it will make to perform well in your exams. While revising, select the topics to be a mixture of both easy and difficult topics. Do revision choosing easy topics once and followed by difficult topic so that you will not get tired.
  • Do not try new questions: It will be highly advisable not to try new topics or questions 2 or 3 days before the exam. Reading the topics you have not learned previously will make you feel uncomfortable. This is will be time to only recall what all you have learned and not to learn new topics. Learning new and getting confused will not only make you feel negative but it is also wasting your time which you could have utilized for reviewing what you have learned. So, smoothly concentrate on revising your important formulas, concepts, and keywords etc.
  • Feeling blank? It is ok: These will a common feeling for all the candidates who are getting ready for exams. It will also make you feel like you have learned nothing for your exams. But it is ok to feel blank at the last few days before the exams. This means that your brain is full and there is nothing more to take in. it also means that your brain is completely ready for your exams. Just by remembering the keywords, you will be able to write the full answer. So, just believe in yourself.
  • Have proper food and sleep: In order to feel calm and composed, it is important to have proper food and sleep. Generally, we spend most of the time in learning and it will lead to late night studies too. This will affect both mind and body heavily. This will create nervousness and lose interest in learning and ultimately it will affect in the exams. So, it is necessary for the candidates preparing for the exams to have a good meal and enough sleep to feel better on the exam day.
  • Balance environment: Having an ideal environment while learning is highly important. It is needed to have a peaceful and comfortable environment for learning so that you can learn without disturbance for a long time. Have the required study materials, paper, pen, pencil and also a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated. Also when you have these things nearby, you can avoid getting up and searching for everything during learning. Also, you would not get distracted if you have your required properties nearby.
  • Hard work: Never forget that hard work always pays off. Be confident about what you have learned and be relaxed. Just be sure of the topics what you have studied by thorough revision. Highlight important topics or that you find difficult to remember so that you can continuously go through them.
  • No overnight studies just before exams: This something more than a tip for any day before the exams. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Stop forcing your brain to intake make more before your D-day that might make your brain to get exhausted and will automatically lead to poor performance in your exams. Sitting late at night before the exams will also affect the next exams heavily. Maybe the first exam you can excel, but the tiredness will continue for the further exams and will lead you to forget what you have learned before. So, give rest to your brain so that you can be fresh during exams and also you can tackle difficult questions.

Thus, be confident in what you have prepared and give your fullest in your exams. Several days of your preparation will surely help you in achieving success.

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