Amity Business School, Gwalior : Interview with the Director

Dr. Anil Vashisht, Dy. Director – Amity Business School, Dy. Dean – Academics & Dy. Director – International Affairs, Amity University Madhya Pradesh

He was earlier the Dean & Associate Prof. at IILM Institute for Higher Education for six years

Q1. What do you look for in a student when you recruit him for you MBA program?

Ans. The  following qualities are being seen  while  recruiting a student for the MBA program:

Academic Achievement: Primarily we look for a sound academic background – not just in terms of marks but in understanding  of concepts and fundamentals. The students face AMCAT for the screening of course we also consider the MAT score

Commitment and Focus: Keeping a strong focus on the  goals will motivate the student to acquire deep domain knowledge.  

Communication Skills: Any effective business leader has to have great communication skills, and it certainly helps if those communication skills are honed before starting b-school. It helps in quality placements 

Creativity: The  MBA candidate should be very creative and be able to come up with innovative and realistic ideas . 

Decision-Making Skills: A key aspect of leadership and management is being able to make effective decisions and think quickly on your feet. This is something that any good MBA candidate will need to have during school to successfully complete assignments and participate in activities. 

An MBA candidate should be very self-disciplined. To get a good grasp of the material and to make sure the work is being completed, you’ll need to have great time 

Entrepreneurship: The most successful MBA students and business leaders have a strong sense of  entrepreneurship. They are interested in being innovative and have a strong commitment to success. They should be self driven and extremely motivated. 

Leadership: An MBA is a degree designed for those interested in leadership roles in their organizations, so the best candidates for an MBA will have strong leadership skills as well as an interest in increasing such skills. 

Logical Analysis: Many MBA courses involve logical thought processes, and thus, the most successful students have a strong sense of logical analysis. They are able to think through complex situations quickly and clearly to develop smart solutions and ideas. 

Team-Oriented: Just as a successful business is the work of all its employees, so is the work of an MBA candidate. The MBA Candidate should be able to work in teams rather than groups

Q2. Across the world, the practice & model of imparting education is  undergoing significant changes with the advent of technology and its accessibility. How do you intend to tackle this challenge for the MBA landscape and adopt newer ways of teaching & conduct learning within your University?

Ans. The traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching that’s persisted for hundreds of years is now acquiring inferior results when compared with the more modern and revolutionary teaching methods that are available for use in b-schools today. Greater student interaction is encouraged, the boundaries of authority are being broken down, and a focus on enjoyment over grades is emphasized. As teachers, it’s necessary to be able to teach and remain engaging. It puts a greater level of responsibility on creating lesson plans that truly work. Here are three teaching methods that are making an impact.

.deliver an internationalized curriculum 

.design and deliver programmers which foster entrepreneurship, teamwork and leadership skills with an eye to preparation for future employment

.explore the use of innovative learning and teaching environments

.use its discipline breadth to encourage innovation in course content through increased multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration

.prepare students for the global employment market through an emphasis on language skills and communication, by promoting study abroad to all students and by prioritizing careers guidance

Q3.According to you, what are the most important things that a student has to keep in mind while selecting a B-School of his choice that will hold him in good stead in the future?

Ans. Here, list a few factors one must consider before getting into MBA college.

1. Course Structure

2. Specialization

3. Faculty: Professors do play a big role in the overall development of the student, don’t really care about whether the college has proper buildings because most of the old colleges (mostly, with poor buildings) have the best of the best professors in India in that field.

4.Selection Procedure

5. Course Fees

While Talking to Sample set of students at AUMP, Students rank the following options as important for considering  any campus:

Faculty = 26%

Brand / Reputation = 40%

Placement / industry endorsement  = 20%

Govt. Recognition = 10%

Fees = 2%

Facilities =2%

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Q4. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement till date, as a part of Amity University Gwalior?

Ans. The following were the achievements in the past years:

– Amity University Madhya Pradesh has been adjudged the “Best Private University” in M.P. by CMAI supported by MP Private Universities Regulatory Commission, Bhopal, AICTE, AIU, Govt of India MNRE/ MSME, NIELIT, DeITy, NIXI at MP Council of Science & Technology, Conference hall, Bhopal.

– ABS ,Gwalior has good interface with the corporates .The Industry based projects are common among the students.

– The students are also involved in the research based projects with the help of the Faculty .The research papers have been published by the MBA II sem students.

– Students have been placed in reputed companies  like Madura Garments, CAPITAL IQ, 99, Pantaloons People soft, Maxlife, Britannia, Kotak Securities, IMRB, MIDDLE EARTH, etc 

– Offered semester abroad programs(To Dubai, UK, China, Singapore, etc) 

– Amity Business School ,Gwalior is offering the 3-C program in which the student will study at ABS, Gwalior for five semesters and in the sixth semester the student will study in UK for three months and three month in USA.

– The  ABS ,Gwalior has a pool of qualified and experienced faculties. Most of the faculties are from outside MP. 

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