This August, a new university, called Master’s Union, will open its doors to students. Masters’ Union, currently recruiting students, has a rigorous admissions procedure. Sources inform us that the applications to the university are extremely competitive, with the acceptance rate at just 12% during the first round of the admissions cycle. 

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The professors of the Union are business experts and stalwarts, who have designed the admissions process (and the curriculum) themselves, keeping in mind the attributes which lead to long term career success. Mukund Rajan, the chairman of ECube Investment Advisors and a member of the Board of Advisors for the Union says, “We believe that attributes like learnability, achievement orientation, attitude and emotional intelligence will eventually define and shape long-term success.” 

In this manner, the application process has a diversified focus, allowing the Union to have a dynamic student body, with varying passions and interests. The admissions process involves the filling in of the online application, which includes one’s test scores (GMAT, GRE etc.), essays, and letters of recommendation. Once accepted, the second round of admissions involves an interview, which is to be conducted by the Masters themselves. In our discussions with board members, we arrived at five ways that can increase an individual’s chances to be accepted to the Union’s inaugural class. 

  • Go the extra mile to show keen interest

The first way to improve one’s chances is to show keen interest: the Union takes special note of students who truly want to study at the Union and believe in their process. Emails, timeliness, prompt responses to the Unions communications all show keen interest, of which the Union takes note. 

  • Write genuine essays that represent who you are

The application requires written essays. Please don’t be fooled: the Masters are experts who know the difference between a well thought out essay and one that is plagiarized. Write an essay that is direct, honest, and well-written. Make sure to check and double check the essay, grammatical errors and repetition are best avoided. 

  • Highlight your leadership experiences

The essays should discuss one’s ambitions for the future and the achievements of one’s immediate past. Tell stories of your leadership potential, projects that you have taken on and seen through. Focus on what sets you apart from the pack.

  • Don’t submit generic Letters of Recommendations

The required letters of recommendation are for the Masters to understand a student’s potential. A good letter of recommendation comes from someone who knows the student and how they work. Here, the content of the letter matters, and it is key to not write the letter yourself, or fake its contents in any way. 

  • Finally, stay humble and refrain from sounding boastful

In both the essays and the letters of recommendation, ensure that you do not forget your humility: do not brag or lie in either of these. A fake application can be spotted easily and will be rejected. 

Bhaskar Chakravorti, who will be teaching International Business at the Union adds, “Your application is going to be our first impression of you. If the first  impression is the last impression, don’t you want it to be good?” Following these five simple practices, according to the Masters we spoke to, can make or break an application

To visit the official college page of  Masters’ Union School of Business  CLICK HERE

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