All-round Education at LIBA Chennai!

Loyola Institute of Business Administration has always been one of the colleges focusing on developing students in an all-round perspective as opposed to just in the academic domain. They focus on developing “Glocal Leaders” who have an idea of local as well global markets and can adapt to the fast growing and volatile industries. The college prides in its students who are great at a number of skills and also participative when it comes to any domain. 

Extracurricular activities play a very important role when it comes to this institute. However, Rome was not built in one day. The institute has consciously focussed on a curriculum that demands the students to be proactive and think out of the box. There are a number of events and activities that bring out the competitive yet collaborative nature of the students. LIBA is also known for the number of Academic clubs it has. There are essentially 4 clubs focusing on different domains.

  1. MARK-IT

There are a number of Club Activities taking place annually-

Mark-it was formed with the vision: “To Revolutionize”. The objective of the Club is to bridge the gap between concepts and applications in marketing. Discussions, games and events cover the diverse facets of the marketing segment of business, like branding, strategies and business environment are some of the things you would get to see here on regular basis.

LIBAzaar is an innovative tool used to conduct market research and observe consumer behaviour. The fair is organized and supervised by Mark-it, the marketing club of LIBA. The format of the fair incorporates elements of disguised marketing and general entertainment to keep the crowd engaged. The research is conducted in the guise of game stalls and other attractions to simulate the feel of an actual fair. The games are designed to serve as a proxy for actual marketing questions. This helps evoke unbiased and accurate information about consumer perceptions and preferences. The promotions are aimed at relevant target groups from surrounding areas who participate in the disguised research. Apart from helping corporate companies gain valuable insights through research attained from LIBAzaar, the students also benefit by applying their conceptual knowledge in the execution of the LIBAzaar itself.

Chrysalis sees the mark-it club host a plethora of mini events which vary every year. The events test participants on creativity, conceptual knowledge, marketing skills and most importantly, selling skills.



The operations club of LIBA, also fondly known as the Ops Club, provides an open platform for students, faculties and subject matter experts to interact. The club strives to bridge the gap between classroom and corporate world. It is here that students can have hands-on experience working on various case studies, both virtual and real time, to apply the concepts learnt in classrooms. It does not stop with case studies alone. Ops Club also hosts a number of events such as – quizzes, guest lectures, newsletter, simulations, and industrial visits to enhance student’s interest. This helps the club to evolve at the same time.

Industrial Visits and Case Connect- To learn and experience applications of the operational concepts learnt in class, the Ops Club, LIBA organised an Industrial Visit. The destination was Sundaram Fasteners Ltd. Sundaram Fasteners is a subsidiary of the Lucas TVS group and focuses on the manufacturing of fasteners. Its main raw material is steel which it sources globally and distributes to a wide customer base inclusive of players in the automotive, rail, aviation industry. Through the visit, the students were enlightened with the sourcing procedure, supply chain, lead time, inventory management, warehouse management, customer relationship management etc. The students also realised various challenges faced by the company and how they overcome them.


Thought for Leadership Programmes-

  1. Geo Analytics in National Logistics- The first “Thought Leadership Programme”(TLP) of current academic year was held on September 26, 2020 through online-WebEx platform. The TLP is conducted by the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in association with Arista – the Operations club of LIBA. The speaker is Mr. T.C.Girivasan from Kerry Indev Logistics. He shared his knowledge and practices in Geo Analytics and how it facilitates national logistics. In the Q&A session, students and faculties clarified their doubts regarding National Logistics Policy and Geo Analytics.
  2. Authorised Economic Operators (AEOs) in International Supply Chain- The second “Thought Leadership Programme”(TLP) of current academic year was held on November 28, 2020 through online-WebEx platform. The TLP is conducted by the Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in association with Arista – the Operations club of LIBA. The speaker is Mr. Srikantha from Kerry Indev Logistics. He shared his knowledge and practices how AEOs and how it facilitates international trade and Logistics.. In the Q&A session, students and faculties clarified their doubts regarding National Logistics Policy, AEOs, Ease of doing business and Direct Port Delivery.


  1. FINESSE – Finance CLUB

The Finance committee of LIBA, the “Finesse Club”, is a student initiative, which works under the able guidance of the eminent Prof. Dr.M.P.Pandikumar and a team of dedicated faculty members. The club aims to kindle the interest and enthusiasm among the students in Learning the concepts of finance, through organizing guest lectures and finance fests. Students are also exposed to real time trading platform which is facilitated with the access to an exclusive trading lab set up in the premises. This specific activity of the finesse club truly leverages the career of finance elective students at LIBA into an “engine of wealth”. 

The club also endeavours to bridge the gap between the academics and the industry. Finesse club focuses on creating awareness among the students about the ample career opportunities in finance and also provides a platform for extensive networking with the industry experts. Finesse club also encourages and engages the participation of students from other prominent B-Schools with the intent of forming a network of like-minded professionals. Access to Refinitiv Reuters, Bloomerang softwares is exclusively given to the members of the finesse club. 


Some of the events by Finesse Club were-

  • Finconclave- It is an exclusive event organized by the finance committee for the Finance elective students, where prominent senior executives from the industry share their knowledge and expertise. In the academic year 2019-2020 the theme of the event was “Investment Strategies”. The event was led by Mr. S. Krishna Kumar, CIO of Sundaram Asset Management Company, he addressed on the topic “Fund Management Strategy for wealth creation”. Mr. Valliappan Nagappan, the former director of Madras Stock Exchange Limited and a popular columnist enlightened the students on “Side Pocketing in Mutual funds and its impacts”, Mr. N Kannan from wealth bull, spoke on the topic, “A Strategy to Millennial Portfolio Managers”
  • Business Wall- The business wall is an exclusive space for the Finesse club, created with the unstinted support of Prof. Dr.M.P. Pandikumar. This wall educates the students and other members of LIBA with the recent updates in the market. This business wall is updated on a weekly basis.
  • Peer to Peer Sessions- Peer to peer sessions are conducted by the finesse club members, were discussions happen on finance topics. In the academic year 2019-2020, two sessions were conducted namely, “Financial Ratio Analysis” and “ILFS & Yes Bank Cases”. This session facilitates knowledge sharing among students.


  1. HR CLUB

The club comprises of 20 enthusiastic minds, 10 each from F18 and F19, who are ardently passionate about HR. During the learning phase the students have only little exposure to human resources domain. In order to provide greater exposure to the students, the club serves as an excellent platform for all HR enthusiasts to come forward and exchange their ideas relating to the latest trends of HR, to explore the vast ocean of HR knowledge and to sustain and preserve the ideals of Human resource management.

Some of the Events in this club were-

  • HR conclave- The one-day long signature event of the club for the year 2019-20 where eminent speakers from various backgrounds share their thoughts and experiences to the students. It also involves a panel discussion with industry experts and HR managers from different sectors engaging in creative conversations among themselves and as well as the audience.
  • Humans of LIBA- The club unveils an unknown story behind a known face in an attempt to help the LIBA community attain a glimpse of the unique story behind each face. The page, modelled after the Humans of New York social media pages, can

feature the story of any person from the campus. Every Monday, the club posts the story on its social media handles.

  • Breakfree- The club sets up a food stall sprinkled with some fun games to entertain and feast the crowd of LIBA. During Breakfree, the entrepreneurial event conducted by ESPIRE, the club’s stall was a major crowdpuller.
  • 24– The 24-hour event where the contestants were asked to capture an image and elucidate their vision with a small write-up. The theme for the year was “Opposites Attract”.


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