Delhi University or DU has started the process of registration for assuring students with a smooth experience. This year, DU has initiated different alterations in its process of admission. Among vital changes, this university has decided to execute the whole process of admission over the internet. Some decisions of the university:

DU will not deduct marks on the altering streams  

In the year 2020, the varsity will not deduct 5% marks from students who have altered their stream to apply to the BA’s courses. According to Shobha Bagai, this principle was formed on the trust that some students of science do score more compared to students of humanities, and they do put up a significant portion of seats in the programs of BA that are intended for the students of humanities.

However, as every inspection is becoming interdisciplinary, this law no longer holds any base. She also said that they wish to make the whole procedure of admission smooth. And so, they have proposed colleges to keep the marks intact. Fortunately, the majority of the colleges have sanctioned this.

Single form for all colleges

Single form for every college – Every college will follow a single form because the university has framed it as a “single form” admission. Therefore, students won’t confine their selections by selecting a specific college or course.

Students who enroll with DU would be deemed for every college and course grounded on their merit, according to Bagai. Still, students can fill in the topmost five choices, and it would be utilized at the time of allotting courses or colleges.

The absence of trails for ECA 

Students who hope to get admission to the music courses will be required to upload their videos. Afterward, a panel will access these videos. So, students will not be needed to remain present for trials. This year admissions to ECA would be allowed to NSS and NCC followers only.

Those students who earlier took admission in the quota of sports would be chosen based on awards and examinations in place of a trial. However, the supernumerary seats would remain unbroken for ECA.

The verification of document

As the process of admission would be conducted online, document verification, too, will follow this path. Similar to last year, the interested candidates will be uploading their patents online.

According to the dean admissions, DU has asked teaching boards all across India to provide online links to the students’ mark sheets for verification. A few boards have already accomplished this job.

Last year, a related collaboration was made with the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE, and it is predicted to be sustained this year also. So, finally, the selected students would come up with the confirmation of the physical document.

The webinar will take the place of an open house 

DU used to make open-house programs, and there, the officials did the job of resolving students’ and parents’ queries. Today, this will be substituted by webinars. So, the university is hoped to begin its initial webinar the next week only.

Though the first webinars would deal with things, like the process of registration, some doubt resolution classes connected to admissions, the best of four, the method of choosing the course, cut-off, or college amongst others would be resolved in August. This is because the merit-lists and admission processes are hoped by the 2nd week of August.

Introduction of a couple of new courses

The varsity has introduced a couple of courses, like Masters in Journalism and M.Sc. in Biophysics at the post-graduate level.

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