A student-driven culture at KJ Somaiya: Explores hidden talent through this new approach

The institute is located exactly at the heart of the west-Indian city, Mumbai. KJ Somaiya is more than just an educational hub or any institution for its students, it is also home to a lot of students coming across the country, and from abroad to study here.

Thousands of pupils come together all across India with a purpose of achieving the best degree and the best experience in learning their subjects to build up their lives.

With such a huge and diverse culture with students coming from every nook and corner of the city, naturally, there is a huge cultural exchange that goes on everyday in the campus of KJ Somaiya.

The institute pays special attention to make it a point that each and every pupil can explore a hidden talent they have and un-earth it to showcase their skills in the business and corporate world.

K.J Somaiya has 28 student driven clubs and committees solely for the purpose of a cultural exchange which focuses on a holistic development in the students. These committees are again divided up into four broad categories namely the Core Committee, the Subject-specific Committee, the Committees which focus on the growth in their professionalism, and last but not the least, the cultural committees, which focuses to impart a cultural development in and among the students.

The above mentioned groups and committees are run solely by the students of this institution without any sort of interference by the governing body of the institution, their heads are a few chosen members of the faculty body.

These clubs and committees help in organising and holding inter and intra college competitions, events and gatherings in a regular interval to help the students give a look and feel about the outside world of business and bring out their professionalism.

KJ Somaiya is also an institution that actively encourages students to participate and involves them in providing the requisite experiential and intellectual stimulation. Starting from the Admissions Committee, the Marketing Committee, the Finance Committee, or the Placements Committee, all the students put in extra vigour and dedication when they work so that they can take the institution to great heights with their work.

There is also a Toastmasters Club or Committee, which works with sheer passion to help the students in diversifying and expanding their understanding and knowledge about everything in the industry, this club holds regular interactive sessions which helps the students in strengthening their skills in interaction and communication, as well as their skills in networking.

The Consulting Club, known as [email protected], gives all the pupils an opportunity for working on high quality services in consultation services as well as entrepreneurs, business enterprises and voluntary organisations.

The institution also lends full support to all the students with their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that help the students to become the best versions of themselves for the betterment of their future so that they can keep their passion, interest and hobbies continued alongside the course structure which is rather rigorous.

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