#5 Student Experience: Room 245 – The Common Room by Swapnil Rajesh Jana | VIT Business School

Home is where the heart is. Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. VIT as an institution is renowned for its statute in education. I was selected for MBA programme so my life as a VITian was about to start. After a span of four years I returned to hostel life. For a guy who put up in a city like Delhi for six years, to come and stay in a city like Vellore was an uphill task. The classic Indian story of north-south divide was playing a fine tune in my head. The first glance to 245 was somewhat mixed, I never stayed in a three bedded room earlier. It was nothing short of an adventure for which I was part nervous and part excited.

The background of all the batch mates and roommates from different sphere of life manifested itself as persona of an ocean. The commonality that each one was new to the place played a pivotal role in icebreaking.  The first unity event as per tradition is the common meals which paved way for a personal warm up. The popularity of my roommates clearly was visible. I never saw three people in my room as it should have been. The advisory service of Bhaijaan and the oneness initiative of AKI420 drew necessary attention. The rise of 245 as the common room was led by series of fixtures. The intellectual sessions of playing cards and the aggression training program of LAN gaming were few such projects enjoyed by many.  The fourth and the unofficial roommate of 245 has been more of a menace than Dennis.

You can choose your friends, but not your roommates, the room and the block of your hostel. The quest that is hostel, has high and low tide to fight, but to dread it will only make it counterproductive. The best possible step is to expect the unexpected and wish oneself ‘Bon Voyage’.

-Swapnil Rajesh Jana

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