#4 Student Experience at VIT Business School – Aanchal Srivastava

So this is when the idea of doing masters popped in my head.

I was clear I did not want to do masters in the same stream line. That is, for a B.Tech. graduate  like me it was M.Tech. I wanted to do something which could bring out the best of my personality and a course which could brush and shape them all well. Also I was always fascinated by the business women around me and in the country.

MBA was exactly what I wanted to pursue and pursuing such a course from a prestigious university like VIT(BS) was more like a cherry on the cake. So I decided to pursue my management studies from VITBS due to the fact that the brand Image of VIT among the top contenders of the private sector is formidable and unswerving.

VITBS is the management department of Vellore Institute of Technology. The institute not only focuses on the sharing of theoretical knowledge; but also enhances one’s practical skills. The teaching learning process is beyond the classroom hours. The management and the staff here encourage the students to organize various events, this not only makes all the events student-oriented but various responsibilities given to the students gives them the confidence to pull forward an event themselves. This also improvises the leadership qualities in the students. I am almost going to finish my first year of MBA here and it has been an amazing journey so far. My role and position as the program representative of the class of 2018 has helped me realize and unleash my full potential as a leader and as a coordinator.

Now talking about the life in and around VIT, the campus is rather one of the structured campuses I have ever seen. When I say structured, I mean to say: there is always something productive happening in every part of the campus. You can never be bored in the campus. VIT also has various clubs (100+ approximately) which helps in showcasing our talent and provides you with opportunities and a platform to explore and exploit our hidden talents.

On the whole, VIT is very student friendly. When I mention about VIT being student friendly, I mean it is the LIBRARY which is functioned in such a way that it provides one with all the facilities to gain all the knowledge one wants to acquire. Last but not the least, there is a fusion of all  cultures that becomes the single heartbeat of unity, that is VIT.

-Aanchal Srivastava

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    Can u tell me about VIT Chennai for MBA programme..I have been selected for 2019 batch ?
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