The number of PPOs is a crucial indicator of the trust that industry places in the quality of managerial talent from the institute.
Additionally, the interesting point to note is that interns from IIMK boast of a 100% PPO-conversion rate at top-tier organizations like KPMG, Dubai, HSBC, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Marico, Asian Paints, Futures First, CHAINalytics and Sony Entertainment Television. Significantly, PPO statistics from a number of key recruiters reveal that of all the offers made by these recruiters, interns from IIMK have bagged the maximum share.

An interesting trend observed this year is a marked increase in interest levels in IIMK from premier European organizations. Freudenberg initiated its relationship with IIMK during summer placements season, making offers for roles in Germany and Singapore. European organizations in the consulting, banking and financial services domains have expressed keen interest in establishing a relationship with IIMK in the near future.

The Lateral Placements program is for students with prior industry experience. In the past, Lateral Placements had a decided IT/ITeS orientation, possibly because of the IT-related work experience that the batch brings to the table. This year, however, with a more balanced batch profile, Lateral Placements Season at IIMK has evolved into a better-rounded affair with sizeable representation from diverse industries, recruiting for a number of functions. A number of firms have participated in Lateral Placements in the Finance, Consulting, Marketing and General Management space. IT companies have also participated in laterals in big numbers this year, continuing to demonstrate immense faith in the quality of managerial talent on offer at IIMK. Banking and Financial Services, Consulting, Telecommunications, Software Products, Software Services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, General Management and Niche Operations Consulting were some of the industries that saw representation from top organizations at Lateral Placements 2008.

Citibank, Standard Chartered, Yes Bank, Lehman Brothers, Ernst & Young and Verizon are some of the organizations that recruited from IIMK this year.

IIMK students have always placed a huge emphasis on the role, profile and long-term career prospects when making their career decisions on campus. This directly translates into IIMK being one of the very few institutes where the sheer diversity of roles and profiles on offer ensure that every student will choose a profile best suited to his or her long-term career aspirations. Carrying last year’s momentum forward, some of the roles expected to be on offer this year will include Economics Consulting, Microfinance, Carbon Credit
Trading and Environmental Consulting, to list but a few.

With a powerful performance during Lateral Placements, and soaring corporate interest in IIMK just before Final Placements, the institute seems poised to enjoy a landmark placements season this year as well. A rich variety of roles, and a keen focus on engaging deeply with top recruiters through a number of innovative avenues will continue to fuel IIMK’s exceptional growth. Consistently challenging itself to break new frontiers and push the envelope further, IIMK is truly redefining the moniker – the Next Generation IIM.

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