#3 Student Experience at VIT Business School – Himani Rana

My experience at VIT Business School cannot be expressed in few paragraphs. I have tried my best to write my experience in VITBS. I coming from Himachal Pradesh to Tamil Nadu. Though I had an experience of staying in a hostel for three years still I was too afraid for my PG hostel life. It was actually not just about the hostel life, it was about my journey from one extreme to the other extreme of the country in a completely new environment.
 Many questions were in my mind such as whether will I be able to adjust in the university? Will people talk to me? Will I be able to express myself? And will there be any kind of discrimination? All my fears, all my doubts slowly started vanishing as days passed by.

The first day of orientation, which started with a guest lecture followed by flash mob and then individual performances, I still remember how nervous I was when I went to the stage where everyone gave an individual dance performance and I did a ramp walk, I was too scared but everybody encouraged me and finally I too was made to be a confidence booster.

Later, for the ice breaking sessions for the industrial exposures we were taken to nature farms. That was the first time when I had an interaction with maximum people. The encouragement I got on day one, helped me to take initiatives in the coming days. I found a family far away from the family. Be it guidance in studies, be it an emotional support, every time people are there for each other. The thing which I like most about VIT is that students are not just made to study rather they are provided with opportunities to participate in different events.

Like during VITMAA till 12 midnight we used to practice for our dance performance and side by side we were completing our assignments, attending classes. Though it was too hectic but this helped me in managing time and prioritising my work which I never experienced before. Initially I had a problem but then I got accustomed to it. Then the other thing which helped me in boosting my confidence level was the presentation.

The first time I gave a presentation, I literally was trembling but the best part is nobody will criticise rather you will be encouraged. With every other presentation, I got more confident. Out of all the places in VIT, BBC is my favourite spot where I like spending time with myself. Even during my school and UG days there was nothing like the clubs which VIT has. So I decided to appear for an interview and GD of creativity club as out of all the clubs this attracted me the most. With every new event of creativity club, I am learning things which will eventually help me in my professional life also. Most of the times I felt,  I can be a good team member, but Invictus* (VITBS event) provided me a platform where I took up the role of a leader, understood the responsibilities and with every other task I try to improve myself.

Staying away from family, yes it’s difficult but with my experience of 6 months in VIT, I can confidently state that every effort taken in VITBS will be worth developing an individual for self-fulfilment.

-Himani Rana

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