Making the Right Moves in Communication

To break away from the humdrum of assignments and presentations, the Diversity
club at IMI, New Delhi, in association with Sapphire Creations Dance Company and Arts
forward Ideas Prof. organized
a workshop, ‘Building
Communication Through Movements’.
The impetus for conducting the same was to vivify management lessons for the

The workshop
kicked off with an energizer for which the students were asked to walk around.
As the exercise picked up pace, one could see students running around. Taking a
hint from the chaos theory, the incipient managers were made cognizant of the
mayhem that characterizes an organization and how important it is to align one’s personal goals with those of the

An enterprise
presents an ideal setting for fostering relationships.  One has to learn the language of ‘greeting’ to be able to leave an indelible first impression. The students
were told to personalize their ‘hello’ and ‘hi’.

an organization, teamwork is of the essence; the employees should ‘push’
one another to deliver. They have got to have one another’s backs. They need to ‘roll on the floor’. But the philosophy of life is to ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight’. This necessitates that all the stakeholders ‘pull’
one another from the everyday hardships that a business encounters. 

There exists ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ competition. Yet, the sole purpose of business is not to earn
profits. The focus needs to be the mutual benefit of all the parties. One has
to ‘jump’ above the mechanical business transactions;
this process lays the formation of a relationship and this relationship needs
to be ‘energized’ by every member of the enterprise. The
essence of the exercise was that an organization needed the right mix of
pushes, pulls and jumps to be driven forward.