AISEEE 2022 Exam Date Notification

AISEEE 2022 Exam Date

Candidates should be aware of the important dates associated with this exam in order to avoid missing any important deadlines. Furthermore, there is a greater possibility that some of the most important dates will be changed in the future. It is critical to be aware of these date changes in order to avoid unnecessary stress in the final minutes. You can keep track of events by registering on the website. The information will be delivered to you via text message or email. All pertinent information will be immediately updated for you. Knowing important dates has another benefit. It will help you plan your preparation strategy better. It would be beneficial to allocate the number of days for each day based on the number of days until the exam, increasing your chances of success.

The exact exam dates have not yet been released on the exam’s official website. Important dates are listed in the table below based on previous year’s trends to give you an idea of what to expect. As a result, all of the dates listed below are only estimates.

Important exam events

Dates to be noted (Tentative)

Beginning date for the filling of the application form for AISEEE 2022


Final Date for the filling of the application form

To be notified

Booking of Online Slot for the exam

To be notified

Announcement of mock test for AISEEE 2022

To be notified

AISEEE exam date for the online mode

To be notified

AISEEE date for the offline mode

To be notified

Publication of the results

To be notified

Candidates are advised not to wait for the announcement of dates and start the preparation immediately to score high in the exam.


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