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How to Get TOEFL Official Score Reports? 

Before taking the test, candidates have the option to request a paper copy of their TOEFL score report. This copy will be sent by mail and typically arrives within 11 days after the test date. Alternatively, candidates can access and print a PDF version of their score report from their ETS account. PDF score reports are usually available for download within eight days after completing the test.

Steps to view your TOEFL Scores:

  1. Go to the official TOEFL website.
  2. Click on the “Member Log-in” option.
  3. Enter your TOEFL account credentials.
  4. Access and view your TOEFL results.

TOEFL scores are typically released within six days of completing the test. ETS publishes TOEFL scores based on the candidate’s proficiency level. Each of the four sections of the TOEFL exam is scored on a scale of 0 to 30 separately. The TOEFL total score is calculated by converting raw scores to scaled scores, with a maximum possible score of 120. The average TOEFL score in India is 90. TOEFL scores are valid for a duration of two years.

The TOEFL Score is assessed on a scale from 0 to 120. In order to access and download the score card, candidates must log in using their registered ETS user ID. It’s important to note that the evaluation of TOEFL iBT scores differs from that of TOEFL PBT scores.


The individual scaled scores of each section in the TOEFL iBT are combined to determine the total score reflected on the TOEFL scorecard.

Reading 0-30 A score of 22 to 30: High level A score of 15 to 21: Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14: Low level
Listening 0-30 A score of 22 to 30: High level A score of 15 to 21: Intermediate level A score of 0 to 14: Low level
Speaking 0-30 A score of 26 to 30: Good level A score of 18 to 25: Fair level A score of 10to 17: Limited level A score of 0 to 9: Weak level
Writing 0-30 A score of 24 to 30: Good level A score of 17 to 23: Fair level A score of 1 to 16: Limited level
Total 0-120


TOEFL iBT Score TOEFL PBT Score Level of Expertise
118-120 ≥ 645 Expert User
115-117 626 – 644 Very Good User
110-114 610 – 625
102-109 581 – 609 Good User
94-101 560 – 580
79-93 546 – 559 Competent User
60-78 530 – 545
42-59 516 – 529 Modest User
35-41 490 – 515
32-34 450 – 489 Limited User
0-31 400 – 449 Extremely Limited/Intermittent/Non User