Newton School Courses and Fees

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  Bengaluru   ESTD


Courses and fees

Courses offered-

Full Stack Development Course-

Guaranteed Tech job of ₹5-40 LPA and ₹0 fee till placement

Course Structure-

1 – 4 Weeks
Introduction and Basics:
HTML,CSS, Javascript, essential tools Basic CS concepts

Projects: Your own website

5 – 8 Weeks

Front End Development (Web Apps)
ReactJS, Redux, advanced frontend development

Projects: Creating a frontend clone of an existing Web Application.

9 – 12 Weeks

Back End Development
Node.JS, Database, Networks fundamental, DevOps

Projects: Creating a fully functional Web Application.

13 – 16 Weeks

Data Structures
Array, LinkedList, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree & Hashing (Hash Tables, Maps)

Placement training

17 – 20 Weeks

Asymptotic Notations, Sorting algorithms, Binary Search, Greedy vs DP, Graphs: BFS & DFS, Dijkstra algorithm, String algorithms (KMP)

Projects: Final project using all the concepts taught in the course

Daily live classes

Live Classes by Top Software Developers from the best companies, 9 pm -11 pm, Mon-Fri. Daily Assignments and Quizzes.

Live Projects

Multiple Real World Live Projects (Instagram, e-commerce clones, your own ideas) created using industries demanded technologies, hosted and live for the world to see and use.

Personal Mentor

Group and one-to-one mentor sessions with a personal mentor allotted from the Top Companies to guide you throughout the course and beyond. Mentor sessions are scheduled from 11PM -12AM, with less than 10 students in each group.


Sharpen your Development Skills with practice, contests and hackathons held every weekend to give you an edge in a timed, high pressure environment.

Interview Preparation 

10+ Mock Interviews conducted by Software Professionals working in Top companies following industry interview formats. With a special focus on soft skills, communication classes and assignments are done regularly to polish your personality.


No Upfront Fees

Pay only after you get a job of 5+ LPA

2.5 Lakhs to be paid over a period of 36 months


In NS, the curriculum designed by our CTO (Siddarth M) for the students, especially focuses on an all-round application-based approach, making them high-quality full- stack developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers. We mainly focus on the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React.js,Node.js) stack, based on the current industry requirements.
This structured and comprehensive curriculum allows Newton School developers to fit in Roles of Software Development Engineer (SDE)-1, SDE-2, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, among others.

Data Structures and Algorithms

● Java Fundamentals
● Linear Data Structures (Arrays, stacks, queues, linked lists)
● String and Maths
● Heaps and Trees
● Sorting Algorithms
● Greedy Algorithms
● Dynamic programming and backtracking
● Graphs and their fundamental algorithms

Full stack

● CSS3
● JavaScript
● ES6
● ReactJS
● ReduxJS
● Node.JS
● NoSQL DB – MongoDB
● Relational DB – MySQL
● DevOps basics

Soft skills and teamwork

● Communication Skills
● Sprint planning and standup
● Git & GitHub
● Strong UI/UX aptitude

The entrance test for applying to the Full Stack Development course is OPEN. You can give the test anytime on or before 10th September 2021. The batch starts on 13th September. You can register for the test here or find more information about the course here.

Course name Duration Fees Exams Accepted
Full-stack Development Course 6 Months 2.5 Lakhs (To be paid with fixed amounts over a period of 36 months, only after job placement