Newton School Admission Process

  Bengaluru   ESTD
  Bengaluru   ESTD


Admission Process

Lakhs of students use the Newton School platform to be a part of the Newton School Community. We aim to find passionate folks through our selection process.

1. Codability test-

Proprietary test to determine Coding, Reasoning and aptitude of student. Code can be written in any language, candidates are given a lot of option.

2. Aptitude test or Pre-coursework-
Evaluated over the course of 2 weeks on sincerity and hard work. Combined with a contest to judge the learning capability of the candidate.

3. Interviews-
Interviews by NS experts to check Communication skills, Performance over Pre-Course work, Passion for programming


The entrance test for applying to the Full Stack Development course is OPEN. You can give the test anytime on or before 10th September 2021. The batch starts on 13th September. You can register for the test here or find more information about the course here.