Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad Results and Cutoffs

  Hyderabad   Private (Autonomous)   ESTD 2001
  Hyderabad   Private (Autonomous)   ESTD 2001

Results and Cutoffs

ISB Hyderabad Cutoff 2023

Admissions for various MBA programs for the academic year 2023-24 are open at ISB Hyderabad. The college is currently conducting interviews for shortlisted candidates for its flagship program, PGPM. Admission to the PGPM/MBA program is based on a valid GMAT/GRE score, and candidates can apply online through the official website of ISB Hyderabad. There is no minimum cutoff requirement, and candidates with a good profile and slightly low GMAT score can also secure admission to the PGPM/MBA program at ISB Hyderabad.

ISB Hyderabad MBA Cutoff 2023

ISB Hyderabad’s management program admission criteria does not have any minimum cutoff requirements for GMAT/GRE scores, but the following table provides an indication of safe scores for admission:

GMAT Score GRE Socre
710+ 320+

ISB Hyderabad MBA Selection Process

The evaluation process for applicants to the Post Graduate Programme in Management at the Indian School of Business is holistic and considers the following parameters:

  1. Academic Credentials: The applicant’s past academic performance and GMAT/GRE score are evaluated to determine their ability to handle the program’s rigor. The evaluation includes grades from the 12th standard, graduation, post-graduation, and certification scores, along with the overall GMAT/GRE score. However, there are no minimum cutoff criteria for either the academic credentials or the GMAT/GRE score.

  2. Leadership Potential: The applicant’s impact in their past professional and personal life is evaluated to assess their leadership potential. This includes the initiatives they have taken, the responsibilities they have handled, and their career progression. A professional evaluation, such as a recommendation, is also considered to gauge their leadership potential in a professional setting.

  3. Personal Attributes: The institute looks for well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society and bring diverse perspectives to the class. Extracurricular activities and interests beyond work life provide insight into the applicant’s personal qualities. The institute encourages diversity in all forms, including work experience, educational background, nationality, and more.